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Are you planning a new custom home, remodeling project or addition to your existing home? At NO COST, you may post your project here and be contacted by AIBD residential designers, residential architects, home planners, interior designers, home designers and design/build builders. Your project will appear in a ‘members only’ register and pre-qualified residential design professionals interested in discussing your project will contact you. Potentially receive initial design consultations FREE by registering your upcoming project with AIBD Project Register.

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Register your project below and then click the box adjacent to all of the manufacturers, products and services you desire detailed information on. The AIBD Project Register is a one stop, single source, to request product information, specifications and pricing from each of the AIBD Industry Partners specializing in residential and light commercial construction.


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Register each of the projects you presently working on or recently finished and click the box adjacent to all of the manufacturers, suppliers, and services you have specified or wish to specify in the construction drawings to alert each respective representative that a new project requesting their products or services is under way. In addition, if you have clients and you wish to have FREE project information, specifications and pricing sent directly to them, simply register the project below, or direct your client to, and the AIBD Industry Partners will follow through on your behalf.

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Each time an AIBD member registers and active project with the AIBD Project Register, participating AIBD Industry Partners may offer you discounts or credits towards renewing your AIBD membership. For more information, click the box adjacent to each of the AIBD Industry Partners below and ask if they offer AIBD member rewards.

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