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Thank you for expressing an interest to join AIBD. Please watch the video to learn more about how you can become a part of our mission. The American Institute of Building Design is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to supporting and promoting residential design professionals. The AIBD is your voice - we understand what you do and what you care about. Join your fellow designers in the AIBD - share your experience, knowledge and expertise, gather new tools for success, and help promote and protect the profession we all love.

Individual Memberships

Associate Member ($160*) – Sell building products, offer building design support services such as landscape design, building official, contractor, etc. (Associate Members employed by a Corporate Member receive a $160 credit).

Educator Member ($70*) – A professional educator or teacher who is not a practicing building designer.

Professional Member ($289*) – Standard level of membership for members who are building designers with a minimum of two-year of experience.

Student Member ($15*) – Is enrolled either full or part time, in architecture or engineering, architectural drafting or design technology in a university, college, community college, vocational school, career institution or high school.

To download a PDF membership form [click here].

You will first be asked for some basic contact information. Please fill in this tiny bit of information (to defeat the BOTS) and you will be forwarded to the form where you can then fill out all of your  information so we may then process your application. To review the AIBD Privacy Policy [click here]

To apply online today, use the link below corresponding with the membership category below: 

The links will take you directly to the AIBD online store to "purchase" a membership. If you do not already have a profile set up in our database, you may want to do that first [click here]

To apply online for "Professional" membership [click here]

To apply online for "Associate" membership [click here]

To apply online for "Educator" membership [click here]

To apply online for "Student" membership [click here]

* Membership begins immediately and renews every twelve months. Members wanting to belong to any or all AIBD chapters may be charged additional dues by the chapter. Contact each local chapter individually to inquire (www.AIBD.org/chapters).

Organizational Memberships

Corporate Member – Corporate members provide products or services to regional or national markets. Corporate members may have representatives in one or more states and should they choose to become involved as Associate members, their local membership dues is included with the national membership. Nonprofit organizations pay a substantially reduced membership fee.

To download Corporate membership application [click here]

To apply online for Corporate membership [click here]


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I send my membership form?

A: Email or fax your application for immediate processing.
Fax: 866-204-0293; Email: info@aibd.org; Mail: AIBD - Membership, 725 N. A1A, Suite E-108, Jupiter, FL 33477

Q: Once I join, how do I change my contact info and who has access to this information?

A: You may log into the Member Center (use the link above) to update your contact information. Only members are able to see your contact information. If you are a Professional Member, certain contact details are listed on the AIBD website for consumers to locate you. In addition, AIBD Corporate members are given access to the national member roster. For a list of AIBD Corporate members [click here]

Q: How long does it take to process my application?

A: Online memberships are processed the moment they are submitted. Membership forms sent by mail, fax or email are processed within two working days from the date we receive them.

Q: Can I pay for my membership using a credit card?

A: Yes. Online applications are charged immediately. The downloadable application provides a space to enter credit card information. Members may also call the AIBD national office and provide credit card information over the phone.

Q: If I join, can I use the AIBD logo on my plans?

A: With a membership in AIBD you are able to use the AIBD Member Logo as it relates to your business. Only AIBD Professional members certified by NCBDC may use the acronym “AIBD” after their name. Download the AIBD Branding Guidelines at www.AIBDmember.org/brandingguidelines.pdf.

Q: What are the volunteer opportunities after I join?

A: Professionals who volunteer their time run our organization. You can join one of the many committees [click here], start or join a local chapter in your area [click here].

Q: What happens if I let my membership expire?

A: Members have until 60 days after their expiration to renew their membership. After 60 days, a member simply signs up again as a new member.  Interruptions in membership may cause issues when qualifying for retired or lifetime membership.

Q: What are the requirements after I become a member?

A: This will vary depending on your level of membership. All members are required to keep their membership dues current based on their renewal date and selected payment option. Certified Professional Members are required to maintain continuing education credits as well. It is also extremely important to keep your contact information updated.

Q: What opportunities are available to members and their companies?

A: Joining as a Professional will automatically put 60 years of experience beside your name. However, there are many more opportunities to be discovered. Including:

  • A listing, with a link to your website, on the AIBD national website’s “Find a Design Professional” search page.
  • A subscription to the AIBD Legislative Alert program.
    Access to publications, service contract templates, copyright information, and more – many of which are free.
  • Networking with others who specialize in residential or light commercial design.
  • Discounts with Whirlpool, FedEx, HP, Green Builder College, VELUX, and more.
  • Access to national, regional and online educational sessions – many of which are free.
  •  Discounted National Convention Registration
    Business and marketing tool

Q: Is there any way to get a discount on membership?

A: There are two ways to receive a membership discount. Professional members who sponsor three new Professional members within their membership year are awarded a 100% discount on their next year national dues. In addition, periodic membership drives offer discount rewards for recruiting new members during the drive.

Refer to www.AIBDmember.org/compassclub for more information

Q: Where can I find Copyright information?

A: Go to http://www.aibd.org/aibd-copyright-basics