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Winter Conference Tour

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Registration for the architectural tour is NOT INCLUDED with the Education Registration and MUST be registered for SEPARATELY

A networking lunch with a mini-educational session at the Sheraton Sands Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, is included.

A walking tour of one of Tampa’s historic neighborhoods – Hyde Park.

Lead by: Lyle Breeze, FAIBD, CPBD and Timothy Roney, CPBD

The year 1886 brought the prospect of a new era in Tampa, Florida. Suffering under the threat of repeated yellow fever epidemics which had closed everything from hotels to cigar factories, the City of Tampa received word that Henry Bradley Plant would spend a “million dollars or more” developing the Port of Tampa, and would build a splendid resort, the Tampa Bay Hotel on the western bank of the Hillsborough river. To support this development, the city agreed to extend Lafayette Street (now Kennedy) a half-mile west of the river and build a bridge over the river. Mr. Plant purchased the land for his new hotel from Jesse J. Hayden, owner of the ferry that crossed the river and his daughter Mrs. Donald McKay.

In 1888 the bridge was completed, Plant extended his railroad across the river, and the cornerstone of the Tampa Bay Hotel was laid. In 1886 O.H. Platt of Hyde Park, Illinois purchased 20 acres and named the area Hyde Park, in anticipation of the growth that Mr. Plant would bring to the area, making Hyde Park the first suburb of Tampa.

Today Hyde Park is a federally designated Historic District which has set strict standards for the preservation of the historic structures with-in it while allowing for the rehabilitation of those structures to meet modern realities.

We hope you will be able to join us on a fascinating walking tour of Hyde Park during our winter conference. We trust you will find it educational as well creatively inspiring.

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