4x Friday – October 2, 2020

Welcome to the 4x Friday, four of the coolest things I’ve found, learned, or experienced this past week.

What I discovered – The camper van of the future, developed by BASF and HYMER. The VisionVenture concept vehicle is a near-series vision of the motorhome’s future, with the help of the development expertise of the BASF Creation Center. This new vehicle class sets the standards for lightweight construction, self-sufficiency, travel experience, and design.

What I learned – I’m improving my memory using tips I learned from Jim Kwik. During the first evening of the Share What You Know conference hosted by Teachable, mind-blowing. He’s young, energetic (he talks fast), and is an expert on speed reading and memory techniques. For example, it’s been almost a full week. I still remember the shopping list of ten brain foods – avocados, blueberries, broccoli, lettuce/kale, salmon, eggs, olive oil, walnuts, dark chocolate. Okay, I forgot the turmeric. I’m getting older but still striving. 🙂

What I watched – One of you turned me on to Down to Earth with Zak Efron on Netflix (thanks, Bernie Kern). Actor Zac Efron journeys worldwide with wellness expert Darin Olien exploring healthy, sustainable ways to live. There’s one season with eight episodes. The show explores renewable energy efforts, a swanky eco-village, an island that boasts a significant number of centenarians, and other cool things. I highly recommend it.

What I ordered – I used ReserveBar to purchase a unique gift for a friend, a limited edition of Belvedere vodka. They also offer custom etched bottles. Yes, it’s a little pricy, but I pride myself on gifting the unexpected. They also provide custom engraved bottles. And they deliver, in many states.

Bonus idea  I used to throw down a couple of drinks, often, and regularly. Since a lifestyle renaissance in 2017, my alcohol consumption is one drink per week rather than one bottle. Sometimes less. I spent between $25 and $32 per bottle, at 3-ounces each (yeah heavy pourer), that comes to about $4 per drink. I finally had an aha moment! I can buy top-shelf liquor around $50 to $75 per bottle and still save money. Even at $9 per glass, I’m saving at least $7 weekly or $365 annually (that was easy). Of course, if I didn’t drink at all, that would save even more. But I like to know quality and have it available when entertaining.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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