AIBD Nominations Committee releases the 2020/2021 slate of officers and directors.

AIBD announces its 2020-2021 Board of Directors

A new slate of officers and directors has been chosen via a public nomination process, and now the Nominations Committee, lead by Immediate Past President, Kevin Holdridge (NC), is proud to announce our new president and 1st VP, some new faces, and a lot of returning veterans.

  • President – Bernie Kern (CO) – Formerly Internal VP
  • Internal VP – Ben Tabolt (CO) – Formerly a Director
  • External VP – Yu-Ngok Lo (CA) – Incumbent
  • Secretary – Steve Mickley, Chief Staff Officer (Acting)
  • Treasurer – Lisa Schaffer (OH) – Formerly Secretary
  • Director – Mike Battaglia (OH) – Incumbent
  • Director – Felicia Foster (TX)  – Incumbent
  • Director – Ted Hake (OH)  – Incumbent
  • Director – Michael Payne (CO) – Freshman
  • Director – Joe Sirilla (FL)  – Incumbent
  • Director – Keith Zoni (CO)  – Freshman
  • Ex-Officio (NCBDC) – John Fought (Currently, but this may change on August 13)
  • Ex-Officio (College of Fellows) – James Wright  (Currently, but this may change on August 13)
  • Ex-Officio (Immediate Past President) – Karen Kassik-Michelsohn

Thanks, AIBD President, Karen Kassik-Michelsohn (AK), and the AIBD Board of Directors, for your hard work and dedication these past 12 months. During Karen’s administration, Professional membership has steadily returned to over 800 for the first time since 2003.

A special round of (virtual) applause for Richard Emigh (CA), AIBD Treasurer, who is retiring from the position after eight years of service. Thanks, Richard (and Diane, his assistant)! During his tenure, AIBD’s non-dues revenue (conferences, certification, education, contributions) exceeded dues revenue (the amount members pay for membership) for the first time in the history of the organization.

Our incoming president is Bernie Kern, of Colorado Springs, CO. Bernie was elected to the board as director immediately following the Institute’s governance restructuring in 2015. In the past two years, Bernie has served as Internal Vice President overseeing the AIBD Conference Committee and the growth of the conference program from one to five conferences per year. His most immediate goal is to build a closer relationship between the members and the board of directors. One solution has already been set into motion. You may have already attended one of Bernie’s monthly “Coffee Chats,” held on the second Friday of each month. Go to to be a part of the next one.

Other changes at the executive level include Director, Benjamin Tabolt (CO), moving into the Internal (1st) Vice President’s seat, vacated by Bernie. Lisa Shaffer, currently Secretary, is filling Richards seat as Treasurer, and Yu- Ngok Lo (CA) will continue to serve as External (2nd) Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of the AIBD magazine, which earned him the AIBD 2019 Designer of the Year.

The secretarial position is conspicuously open and will be filled temporarily by the AIBD Chief Staff Officer, Steve Mickley. Our bylaws allow for the CSO to handle specific duties performed by the Secretary and the Treasurer, even when there is one in office. The board may fill vacancies once the new term begins on July 1, 2020. Any Professional member interested in being considered can fill out an application at

The slate of directors is completely full, with six being allowed and a minimum of four required. Of the six, there are two new faces.

Because only one nomination was confirmed for each of the officer positions and six director positions, there are no “contested” seats. Therefore, an election is not to be held, according to the AIBD Bylaws. In this scenario, the new candidates may take office immediately, rather than waiting for the Annual Meeting of the Members, which will be held this year on August 14th in Colorado Springs, CO. Everyone will be sworn in at the board meeting scheduled for July 1.

Photo Caption: Presenting the AIBD President-Elect, Bernie Kern of Colorado Springs, CO.

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