AIBD Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for May 10, 2018

Meeting called to order at 12:10pm
By: Kathy Croteau, BOAF
Jenni Lewis, AIBD
CEU Class- Presenter
Renato Carotti, P.E.
Simpson Strong-Tie : ASCE Wind Design

AIBD Officers:
Chair: Jenni Lewis
Vice Chair: Paul Glaser
Secretary: Ren Carotti

Regular Members Present:
Doug Shepard
Joyce Poelsma

New Members:
Ted Wilson, Nelson Wilson Construction, Inc.

Next Month’s Meeting:
June 14th, 2018
At Goodwill
Guest Presenter: Sandy Tutor, from Manatee County

Joint Meeting Minutes With AIBD and BOAF:

Local Chapters of BOAF go all the way from Marco Island to Manatee so they decided to form two groups Sarasota/ Manatee.

Go to: (same page)
BOAF: President, Kathy Croteau, CBO Sarasota County
For Ideas, new hire info, training, and education.
Ice Breaker: What each of our groups do to work together.
Designed Professional’s: The best educated that we can be-
To make BOAF and AIBD life better. Both area’s are different and BOAF tries to post local Juridistric info
There are 1200 plans to review in the hoper, 110,000 inspections.
City of Venice:
Needs to hire multi licensed Field/ Inspectors @ 67,000 needs to be qualified. Needs to list with better description of job titles.

AIBD: Speaker Jenni Lewis
20th Entry’s ARDA Awards
AIBD Discount Submittal
August 16th-18th is a Philly Conference

Next Meeting is with Sandy Tutor, from Manatee County.
Presentation on: Flood Plan Management Design
We would like to invite all BOAF Members to all future presentations

Next Month We Vote:
Nominations are:
Chair: Paul Glaser
Vice Chair: Ren Carotti
Secretary: Doug Shepard and/or Joyce Poelsma

Please Try to attend your support is needed- Thank You!
You can visit the presentation @ and see pictures.

Lunch was graciously Sponsored by Safe Built (Neil Mazzei)

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