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June 01, 2020 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
Shaping the Future of Building Design
Part of the Tuesday @2:00 Webinar Series
June 2 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Complimentary tickets available

Help improve the built environment with experiences gained by the pandemic. Be part of an industry panel discussion, June 2nd, at 2:00 pm EDT, to focus on a community of like-minded designers moving toward fine-tuning architecture.
There’s still time to enter the American Residential Design Awards.
Sponsored by and Phantom Screens.

Open to ALL residential designers, builders, remodelers, architects, developers, land planners, and interior designers in the nation.

Members receive a 35% discount on entry fees. Contact us to get the Promo Code.

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AIBD Nominations Committee releases the 2020/2021 slate of officers and directors. » American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)
Thanks, AIBD President, Karen Kassik-Michelsohn (AK), and the AIBD Board of Directors, for your hard work and dedication these past 12 months.

A special round of virtual applause for Richard Emigh (CA), AIBD Treasurer, who is retiring from the position after eight years of service. Thanks, Richard (and Diane, his assistant)!

A new slate of officers and directors has been chosen via a public nomination process, and now the Nominations Committee is proud to announce our new president and 1st VP, some new faces, and a lot of returning veterans.

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The National Council of Building Designer Certification is a designated body within the organization, charged with governing the Institute’s professional certification examination program.
Applications to join the Council (click that to apply) are always accepted and those who will serve for a one-year term are chosen at the Council’s Annual Meeting, August 13, 2020. To be considered, all applications must a CPBD and submit their application on or before June 30.
What is the typical cost (excluding land) to build a residential high performance home project?
High performance means different things to every homeowner, so this is a very hard question to answer.

First, you’ll need to know…

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  • Karen Childress, Professional Member from TX
  • Jason Danielak, Professional Member from FL
  • Patrick DeBono, Professional Member from NY
  • Gregory S Dobrzelewski, Professional Member from MI
  • James Doucette, Professional Member from FL
  • Ariel Faith, Professional Member from FL
  • Ryan David Gardner, Professional Member from WA
  • Michael K. Gates, Professional Member from CA
  • Lauren A. Givens, Professional Member from OH
  • Peter R. Gleysteen, Professional Member from OR
  • Greg R Grieser, Professional Member from MD
  • Adriaan Van’t Hof, Professional Member from AL
  • James E. Morales, Professional Member from TX
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  • Jamie Linn Muroski, CPBD from Longwood, FL (May 11)
  • Joseph Ford Jr., CPBD from Albany, GA (May 18)
  • Melanie Ann Heck, CPBD from El Sobrante, CA (May 20)
Not certified? Check out the Candidate Handbook and apply online,
Keeping up to date on Chapter events?
With COVID-19 event restrictions happening so quickly, we are doing our best to keep the calendar updated on chapter events and how they may be going virtual with their meetings.

Keep tabs yourself at or contact your nearest chapter leadership at

Coffee With Bernie, June 12.
Join Bernie Kern, AIBD’s President-Elect, for an hour of discussion with this month’s guest, AIBD President, Karen Kassik-Michelsohn. Karen is finishing up her two-year tenure as AIBD President and we all want to know what positive changes have been made for AIBD, as well as her vision for AIBD.

With Karen’s departure, Bernie takes office July 1, and what does he have planned for the next year?

Share your questions and comments with outgoing and incoming presidents, at this rare event. What you would like to see AIBD do for you? What can you do for AIBD? How many Salmon has Karen caught so far this season? Anything goes at Coffee With Bernie, a free event hosted by AIBD using Hopin.

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  • Thursday June 18, 2020
  • 11 AM
  • At Nanawall Showroom 32
  • High street North Andover, MA 01845
Featuring Speaker, Guy Gere of Nanawall And Hanover Architectural Products!

NanaWall Systems, the leader in opening glass wall technology, cordially invites you to a continuing education lunch seminar…

Sustainable Design uses for Large Opening Wall Systems

Training and Education
What’s Your Companies Remote Work Plan? | AIBD On Demand Education
Benjamin Tabolt , Director of Plan Services at MiTek, has been interacting virtually with clients from all over the world.

Not to mention, some of his staff are scattered about the country, too.

Now, he’s 100% virtual, how is he doing it?

Learn about the software and platforms Ben’s team uses for remote meetings, plan markups, file sharing, staff management, billing, and more!

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Off-Site Modular Construction & Green Building – Free CE Webinar Tickets, Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite
Interest in off-site modular construction is growing.

The reduced availability of skilled construction labor and the increasing cost of material is causing contractors to explore modern methods of construction.

There are many misconceptions about off-site construction.

This seminar will discuss the advantages it provides and how factory-built construction promotes green building principles.

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Fee Proposal Workshop Online Training (9.5 Primary Credits)

People are hard-wired to buy with emotions and justify with logic, yet, too many of us are still trying to sell to Mr. Rational while ignoring Mr. Intuitive.

Learn a better more successful fee proposal strategy.

Let us show you how we; increased design fees by 77%, doubled conversion rates, and reduced scope creep while providing a higher quality service.


85% of participants say it’s the most useful CE course they’ve taken
99% say they’d recommend it to their coworkers


The AIBD has partnered with Ron Blank & Associates to offer educational content relating to the knowledge areas and skills identified by AIBD’s building design practice analysis, which forms the foundation for AIBD’s Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) Exam.
The courses have been sorted according to the four domains of the exam:
  1. Business Administration,
  2. Business Practice,
  3. Design Process, and
  4. Building Design.

The official publication of AIBD has a new issue! Check it out. Featuring the 2020 BDA winners.
Building Design Jobs – AIBD Job Board
The American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) offers the top jobs available in Building Design.

Search and apply to open positions or post jobs on American Institute of Building Design now.

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