Code of Ethics

General Obligations

Members shall strive to improve and advance their knowledge and expertise in the profession of Building Design and shall expend every effort to contribute to its improvement and growth.

  1. Members shall continuously strive to demonstrate and improve both their knowledge and competence.
  2. Members shall seek a method of improving the design standards of the day to the highest possible level.
  3. Members shall attempt to promote public awareness, as it relates to evaluating professional competence in the building industry.

Public Obligations

Members shall strive to serve the public and their profession in every aspect of both professional and ethical conduct.

  1. Members shall keep themselves informed of all pertinent laws, ordinances, and building codes.
  2. Members shall not engage in , assist, or be a party to any business practice which is or could be fraudulent, illegal, or deceptive.
  3. Members shall not knowingly infringe on the copyright of anothers’ work either in the profession or in business practice.
  4. Members are encouraged to be involved in community and civic activities that are beneficial to their community, state, or nation.
  5. Members shall not discriminate in their professional conduct on the basis of race, religion, gender, physical/mental disability, or national origin.

Professional Obligations

Members shall conduct their professional activities contributing to the health, welfare, and safety of the public and to the advancement and understanding of their profession.

  1. Members acting in a professional capacity shall make clear whether statementsor actions are personal opinions, or have official direction and approval when such statements might be construed to represent the Institute
  2. Members shall not make misleading statements regarding their expertise, qualifications, or performance.
  3. Members shall exercise reasonable effort in assuring that their work is in the best interest of public health, welfare, and safety and to encourage such action in others of the building industry.


The Code of Ethics and Conduct shall be adopted at the convention of the Institute and shall take effect at such time as determined by the resolution of adoption.


This Code of Ethics and Conduct shall be enforced by such remedies and resolutions adopted by the convention of the Institute Board of Directors and maintained in the Standing Book of Rules.


The Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to the professional activities of all members of the American Institute of Building Design.