Construction Progress and Quality Reports

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Construction Observation

Once construction has commenced, building designers are in an excellent position to keep the owner apprised of construction progress and quality.

The client, particularly one who is not local, relies on these reports to keep up with the pace and quality of the work, and a close client-designer relationship can result from this direct form of communication.

To document what you have observed on the project site and report this information to the client, you can use the Designer Field Report or the Site Evaluation Form, both found within the DesignerDocs library offered by the American Institute of Building Design.

Also available is the Architect’s Field Report (AIA Document G711) published by the American Institute of Architects.

How do you get Construction Progress and Quality Reports work?

More than likely, your best chance for success is to upsell existing clients at the beginning of the design phase, as opposed an addendum to your contract as the construction documents are progressing.

Although the latter is undoubtedly an option, even with a client already signed up, it can be a struggle to sell clients on construction administration.

Most think they do not need it and refuse it when offered. Mainly when your drawings are mostly too well done.

Once the client receives the final drawings, they may decide the contractor can handle it without your involvement.

To make this happen, take control of your projects and lead the process from beginning to end.

Enter each project with the mindset, construction administration is NOT an option, to be offered as an additional service. It is an integral part of your business model.

You spend months preparing a design, working your way through three levels of increasingly detailed development, and documenting exactly how to construct the structure.

You are responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the users of your creations and are legally liable for what is built.

It is your responsibility, as a professional, to observe the construction of your designs and ensure that the building is made as documented.

Two guys in business suits on a job site looking at construction for Construction Progress and Quality Reports.

How to prepare for Construction Progress and Quality Reports?

It can be exciting to travel to a job site and represent the owner during construction, but it is also challenging to juggle paperwork and site responsibilities.

Issuing site observation reports, reviewing submittals, and promptly documenting changes requires careful planning, an organized schedule, and efficient execution.

Set a static calendar and perform job site observations on the same day every week, month, or quarter. For example, every Wednesday or the third Wednesday of every month.

How to handle Construction Progress and Quality Reports?

Your services during construction begin on the date established in the owner-contractor agreement or set out in the notice-to-proceed.

From this point forward, project meetings are typically conducted at the construction site rather than in a conference room, and many new team members participate.

Each meeting agenda includes the status of construction phase activities, and the contractor and primary subcontractors report on the progress of construction in their areas.

Requests for information, project change documents, submittals, and payment applications are among the items you monitor and track as part of your services.

Your primary goal is to protect the client’s interest at a time when significant amounts of the money are being spent in a short amount of time.

You are required to report on the progress and quality of the work while keeping the submittal review flowing and maintaining control of the contract documents.

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