Fall Conference Sessions


Unlocking BIM: Practical Residential Project Enhancements Utilizing BIM Technology

Presenter: Benjamin N. Tabolt, President, CDG Project Studio, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO

Building Information Modeling is being integrated into residential building design to create tremendous opportunities for the entire project team. This session is focused on educating attendees on specific BIM applications to provide enhanced products and additional services to their clients. Included in this discussion will be specific examples of material take offs and costing data, energy modeling, sun study within specific building context and orientation, importing 3rd party BIM material (trusses, kitchen design etc.) and finally enhanced visualization.

Increase efficiency in project delivery by over 30%

Provide additional services to your clients to increase design budgets and profit margins by up to 100%

Learn about specific residential BIM applications and how they can be added into a standard set of design documents. ♦ Learn how to integrate 3rd party BIM technologies into your project to provide a streamlined, coordinated project delivery. ♦ Learn how BIM works for the designer, contractor, and client in unique ways.



Architectural Copyright Law: Basics and Current Trends

Presenter: Louis K. Bonham, Of Council, Attorney at Law, Osha Liang LLP, Houston ♦ Paris ♦ Silicon Valley ♦ Austin ♦ Tokyo ♦ Hangzhou ♦ Alexandria

This seminar is by Louis K. Bonham of Osha Liang, LLP, one of the leading attorneys in the nation in the field of architectural copyright law. Mr. Bonham will discuss the basic nuts and bolts of copyright law in general and architectural copyright law in particular, as well as several current trends in the law that building designers should be concerned about.



Photograph of a building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) under construction.

Designing with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Presenter: Robert J. Klob, President, Robert Klob Designs, Inc. and Founder, ICF Building Group, a national trade association, Chandler, AZ

Expand your knowledge and revenue by serving a fast growing market with few qualified design professionals. Properly design with ICFs by learning proven techniques and see examples of proper ICF detailing and construction document implementation. After, you will know the basic design principles of the different ICF products and how to choose the best system for their design and/or client.

How to select the right ICF system for an individual project? ♦ Understand the Codes and Requirements. ♦ Proper plan development and detailing with ICFs. ♦ Prescriptive Design pros & cons. ♦ Cost Effective Design Solutions ♦ Using ICFs for Green/Sustainable Design. ♦ Designing ICF Safe Rooms & Homes. ♦ How to solve issues in the field.


High Performance Home Design Panel Discussion

Presenters: AIBD’s High Performance Homes Team

This session is a panel discussion focused on reviewing standard CAD details for AIBD professional members to use and to create a standard energy compliant drawing sheet to add to their residential designs. The session will include members from the High Performance Homes Team as we review these special details, comment on why they are important for high performance designs, and then provide these details for members to download and use in their cad files. The team will also use the 2017 International Builders Show Tiny House Lab Building, designed by the High Performance Homes Team, as a real life case study.

The AIBD High Performance Homes Team strives to be the resource for Designers, Builders, and Consumers in the quest to design and build energy efficient, comfortable and environmentally safe homes.


How to Protect Your Business Financially and Legally

Presenters: Robert B. Newkirk, III of Newkirk Law Office, PA in Cornelius, NC

This session will focus on protecting yourself through the use of corporations and understanding corporate structures (sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, S-corporations, benefit corporations). Contracts – general overview and types of contracts, understanding how contracts protect you or leave you exposed, and avoiding the pitfalls which crater your corporate protection.


Lunch and learn presentation (November 2nd)

Presenter: Brian Corder, BuildBlock Building Systems

Join BuildBlock ICFs for a lunch and learn about the many different products that can be used when designing and building an ICF home. BuildBlock will introduce their new BIM design tools, online training, and take you behind the scenes of several projects, large and small. We’ll share tips and tricks to help make your design and build easy and straightforward.


Lunch and learn presentation (November 3rd)

Presenters: Brian Baggett and Jeff Van De Hay, Marvin Windows and Doors

AAMA Standards for Fenestration Products: Substrates and Finishes – This course reviews various fenestration substrates and surface finishes, with an in-depth look at the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards and test procedures for fenestration products.