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November 7 & 8, 2019 ♦ Seattle, Washington

Emerging Technology in Home Design & Construction…

…is taking over the home building industry at a rate that would seem preposterous to someone 20 years ago. That said, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone these days—executive to laborer—who isn’t using a smartphone to augment some aspect of their job. Meanwhile, more than 20% of builders say they’re experimenting with drones, while others report they’re using 3D printers. And even those technologies seem minuscule when compared with robots that can lay 1,000 bricks per hour or install steel studs, sheetrock, or tile.

As technology ramps up and future job sites include swarms of intelligent life, some artificial, buckle your seatbelt as we approach what the future may hold in the world of architecture, enginering and construction. Commercial contractors already use drone-mounted scanners to measure stockpiles, and experts say those uses will multiply as the technology becomes more affordable. 3D laser scanners, which were the most widely used emerging technology among builders in 2015; can capture details of a structure down to 2 millimeters worth of accuracy. Collected data, along with CAD files, will become the basis from which a host of technologies function autonomously. Learn how all this is trickling down into residential design and construction and how you can take advantage to further your business or career.