How I Quickly Make Social Media Posts People Want To Share

I want to show you how I very quickly make social media posts using Visme.

Using Visme

The first thing we want to do is go to

You can create a free account here, and then you can get more stuff by paying, but a free account is enough to get started today.

Click on create, then go to the social graphics tab.

I’ve found that starting with Facebook posts is the easiest to translate into other social media posts.

Start with Facebook

We’ll start with a Facebook post and we’ll go from “animated” to “static”.

Then you can look through the templates and find one that you like to start with.

Or you can just start with a blank one.

I’m going to scroll down and choose a template because I know exactly what I want.

For the background, I’m going to click on the background so that you get an options bar that says “background,” “filter,” “flip scale,” “canvas size,” and “remove background.”

Add one of your designs as a background

We’re going to click on the button that says “background,” and then we want to select an image.

I’ve got one that I downloaded from Bernie Kern’s website.

Then you can drag and slide it to where you want it.

You want to use a picture of one of your own houses, obviously.

Add your text

This template has already got the text set up, so I just need to add my own text now.

I’ve got a huge list of prewritten social media posts so I’m just going to copy and paste one in here.

We can then reposition the text as we see fit.

You’re a designer so you should know how to make things look good.

Save and Export

Save the file with an easy name so you know how to get back to it later.

Then we’re going to download the file as a JPEG.

By default, it’ll put it in your download folder, but you can choose to move it somewhere else.

The next step is to go back to visit the home page, and we’re going to see our image is saved right there.

Note that it may have a thumbnail image that matches the original template rather than what you just created. That’s okay; there’s nothing we can do about that.

Change the image from Facebook to LinkedIn

On the image you just created, click on the little hamburger menu and select “duplicate”

We’re going to name this one LinkedIn. Then we want to edit that new duplicated image with the new name.

Right now, it still looks like it’s shaped for Facebook.

Our text and image are all in there, but we want to go up to the top-left hamburger menu, go to canvas size, and change it to LinkedIn post.

Now the image has been resized for LinkedIn, and all we need to do now is reposition things.

Then go up and export it the same way you did the last one.

See how quickly that was to just export the same picture but now for LinkedIn?

Let’s do it again.

Change the image from Facebook to Twitter

We’ll go back to that original Facebook one and duplicate from there.

This time we’re going to do Twitter.

Click edit project.

Top left hamburger, canvas size, Twitter post.

This one’s going to need a bit more resizing than the LinkedIn one.

Once resized and everything looks good, export again.

And that’s it. That quickly, we have just created three social media posts.

Don’t forget Instagram

Most importantly, because you have such a visual profession, you really need to make sure you’re doing Instagram.

Instagram is a square so our text area that is already a square is also going to be covering a lot of our image, but that’s okay.

Also remember when it’s on Instagram, it’s going to be on someone’s phone.

So it’s going to be a lot smaller.

Make sure that the text is big enough to be legible.

Export again!


That’s it. That’s how you really quickly spit out social media posts.

There are lots of options for different sized image templates.

There’s headers, ads, and a custom size you can just type in.

This is all done in Visme. I highly recommend it. Check it out at

They didn’t sponsor this post; I just find their tool to be very useful.

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