Join Garrett for Inktober 2021 (and grow your social media following!)

Looking for a (relatively) quick and easy way to grow your social media following?

Join me, Garrett (AIBD Communications Director) while I practice my sketching and grow our social media following.

The challenge starts Friday, October 1st.

Inktober was started several years ago by a dude named Jake Parker.

Inktober rules:

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).
  2. Post it somewhere people can see.
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2021.
  4. For AIBD, also use #CreatingWherePeopleLive and #Inktober2021AIBD for a chance to be featured by us.
  5. To be featured by AIBD, use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I’ll be monitoring all 4.

The idea is to draw something (in ink) every day for thirty-one days.

There are prompts you can follow, or you can draw whatever you want.

If you know me, you know I’m not actually a designer.

I just work here 😉

But I do think it would be cool to learn how to design houses.

So, I’m going to start sketching out some ideas this month, as a participant of #Inktober2021.

It helps grow your social media!

The two main things to be successful in social media are:

  1. Consistently post things relevent to your industry.
  2. Engage with other users, especially the ones who comment and share your posts.

Posting every day for 31 days and using hashtags will attract new followers.

For one thing, lots of people participate in and follow the #Inktober hashtags.

Those people will see your work, and if they’re interested they’ll follow you.

Don’t forget: follow numbers don’t matter if they don’t care.

You only want people who are actually interested in your work, which is why I suggest you draw houses for Inktober.

The consistent posting with similar hashtags will tell the social media algorithms to promote you more in those hashtags.

Get prepared to draw daily with these resources:

There are some cool tutorials on How to Ink on the Inktober site, but I straight up suck at drawing in the first place so instead, I’ll be watching our course Drawing Quickly and Effectively.

Don’t forget, AIBD members get a discount on our courses. If you need the code email

Inktober 2021 Official Prompt List.

  1. Crystal
  2. Suit
  3. Vessel
  4. Knot
  5. Raven
  6. Spirit
  7. Fan
  8. Watch
  9. Pressure
  10. Pick
  11. Sour
  12. Stuck
  13. Roof
  14. Tick
  15. Helmet
  16. Compass
  17. Collide
  18. Moon
  19. Loop
  20. Sprout
  21. Fuzzy
  22. Open
  23. Leak
  24. Extinct
  25. Splat
  26. Connect
  27. Spark
  28. Crispy
  29. Patch
  30. Slither
  31. Risk

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