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So you want us to publish your project? Fantastic! Please read the notes below to ensure you send us what we need and how we need it.


Boring legal stuff

By submitting content you agree to our Terms of Submission, which can be reviewed here.

How to submit a project

To submit a project for consideration, fill out the form below and provide a small selection of good jpegs (at least 3000 pixels on the shortest sides), some text about the project, and links where appropriate.

Then what happens?

If we like the look of the project we’ll be in touch. It may take us some time to get back to you. It’s fine to send us the odd gentle reminder – we are only

We like videos

If you have a video related to your project, send it in! We usually upload submitted movies to our own channels (particularly YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram) rather than embedding them from other accounts. We may edit movies but we’ll ask for your permission first.

We like plans, drawings, and sketches

Plans, sections, and sketches are very popular with our readers, so please include them if you can.

We like to credit everyone

Send us project credits! Especially for the images.

Share, share, share

When we’ve published your project please share like crazy on social media, newsletters, your website, and so on. It will help your project get more visits and more attention. Don’t be shy!

Thank you for submitting content to AIBD!