Managing Your Project

The journey to your “dream home” can take an unfortunate wrong turn if drawings are less than thorough and specifications are left in limbo. Contractors routinely refer to construction documents to justify an action. Any resulting squabble can bring construction to a screeching halt while high-priced attorneys iron-out a settlement. A Professional Building Designer tries to avert such conflicts before work begins: first, by exploring design solutions with their client on paper, and then by meeting with contractors bidding on the project to answer any questions regarding a specification or drawing detail.

Be it a new home, addition or renovation, thorough planning and good design go hand in hand. The American Institute of Building Design exists for that reason. We strive to promote national unity in the design profession; to improve design educational standards and methods; and to increase public awareness of the building design profession. Why not secure the services of a qualified, experienced specialist for your next building project: a Professional Building Designer who is a member of the American Institute of Building Design.