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October 26, 2020 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
Registration is Open! (In-person and virtual)
November 12 – 14, 2020 – Design & Build Fall Conference, Orlando, FL
Optimizing Your Home Designs With Building Science

Attend this conference and recognize the trends in high-performance buildings. Translate the trends into sales and verify the science using BIM technology. Be a professional who provides affordable and workable solutions for clients and their builders.

Presented in-person, at the Orlando Science Center, and virtually using the Hopin virtual conference platform.

WHO small meeting recommendations are being followed. Full refunds for pre-registration or transfer to full virtual attendance.

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Nov 10 @ 3PM Eastern

This month we welcome Chip Hudson, CPBD, owner of Hudson Home Designs and Portfolio Home Plans, an online stock plan sales platform used by home designers throughout America to market pre-drawn house plans.

Chip has been a member of AIBD for over 11 years but became a CPBD only in the last 90 days.

If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or wish to hear some excellent career advice, this is the podcast for you.

A Surreal New Bookstore Has Just Opened
By: Architectural Digest (via AIBD’s #HomeDesign Professional Daily)

For a book lover, stepping into a bookstore is always exciting, but a new bookstore in China makes the experience absolutely spellbinding.

The two-story space appears cathedral-like, thanks to the mirrored ceilings and gleaming black tile floors which reflect the bookcases, creating a visual effect that feels akin to an M.C. Escher drawing.

November, Member Recognition Month!
November is a month known for giving thanks and we want to show you how much we appreciate you with a full month of FREE on-demand education.

AIBD members, log in to your profile in the member center and click the FREE EDUCATION tab (visible November 1 to 30) to access hours of prerecorded AIBD webinars, seminars, and training.

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Welcome new Compass Club members
No new members this past month, but a lot of moving and shaking going on among the existing recruiters.

This month’s movers & shakers
  • AIBD President, Bernie Kern, moved to the top tier – Diamond Member. He has earned his “Bill Ding Membership” award (one year of complimentary membership) and is now third on the all-time list of Compass Club point earners.
  • AIBD Fellow, Mike Keesee, has earned his 74th Compass Club point, moving him to within 6 points of the all-time Compass Club point leader, Richard Emigh.
  • Dan Bauman (Member since 10/1/20) has immediately recruited three Professional Members and has earned his “Bill Ding Membership” award (one year of complimentary membership).
Other Compass Club point earners in July
  • Megan Musgrove recruited a Professional Member and is now two points away from earning her Bronze Compass Club pin.
  • Janet Hobbs also recruited a Professional Member in September. With a couple more recruits she will be moving to Gold status.
  • Yi Cheng, Student member from NJ
  • Gregory Galford, Educator from VA
  • Matthew K. Kness, Associate member from CA
Not a member? Join now!
  • Robert Klob, CPBD, from Chandler, AZ (October 22)
  • John Rodriguez, CPBD, from Lakewood, WA (October 19)
If you’re a certified member of AIBD, did you know that we have a whiteboard marketing video that you may license to use on your website? Check it out on YouTube and then schedule a meeting with our executive director.

Not certified? Check out the Candidate Handbook and apply online,

Vote America!
2020 has been a crazy year. The upcoming election has the potential to be a disaster.

No matter which candidate you prefer, voting early—whether by mail or in person—is in your favor.

The more complete and early votes can be counted, the less disaster there will be.

Nearly all states are accepting votes by mail, request your mail-in ballot today.

Early voting polls are beginning to open. Find the closest one to you. is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization that does not support or oppose any political candidate or party.

Oct 27, 11:45AM to Oct 27, 1:30PM EDT

This month’s presentation is “Drafting Styles: An Art in Communication Through Working Drawings,” by AIBD President, Bernie Kern. Bernie, with the help of a few other AIBD members and winners of ARDA’s working drawings category, will share blueprints of their styles of work from hand drawings to CAD communication.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Oct 30, 1:30PM to Oct 30, 3:00PM EDT

This month’s presentation is “Frightful Design: When Good Architecture Goes Bad!” What a great topic for Halloween, right? For the last 40 years, haunted attraction designer Leonard Pickel has put what he learned from an architectural degree at Texas A&M University into designing for fright rather than comfort, thrills rather than peacefulness.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

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Nov 4, 11:45AM to Nov 4, 1:30PM EDT

An educational and networking event for those in building design, construction, and architecture.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

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Nov 6, 12:45PM to Nov 6, 2:30PM EST
Our guest speaker is Ron Leon from OpenSpace.AI.

OpenSpace Photo is a great way to get started with complete construction photo documentation.

Photo is the simplest way to capture smaller areas and quickly generate photo RFIs, issues, and observations.

With advanced software features like Procore and BIM360 integration, field notes, and PDF and JPG export, Photo is a full-featured 360 photo documentation solution.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Nov 10, 11:30AM to Nov 10, 1:15PM EST

Our guest speaker is Dale McLauchlin of Marvin Windows and Doors.

Discuss with Dale the benefits of using composite materials, what the pultrusion process is, and how it’s used to fabricate high-performance windows (AIA HSW credits available).

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

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Friday, November 20, 2020, 11:45 am EST
If you missed the live webinar, join us for a replay of relevant changes to the Florida Building Code.

This prerecorded presentation by Mike Keesee, FAIA gives us a list of items to be aware of as we begin designing homes that will be submitted for permitting after December 30, 2020.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Training and Education
Introducing the NFPA Learning Path for the Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE) Exam
It’s completely flexible online training—you can choose individual learning modules to fit your unique needs or a full learning path for the most comprehensive exam preparation.

The CFPE Learning Path provides the content you need to know—from the source—with options to fit your schedule.

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The AIBD has partnered with Ron Blank & Associates to offer educational content relating to the knowledge areas and skills identified by AIBD’s building design practice analysis, which forms the foundation for AIBD’s Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) Exam.
The courses have been sorted according to the four domains of the exam:
  1. Business Administration,
  2. Business Practice,
  3. Design Process, and
  4. Building Design.

Members are invited to join the free UPS® Success after Success. NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill Talks Business webinar on Thursday, October 22nd to hear about Grant Hill’s response to challenges that could have ended his basketball career and his winning mindset to business.

In this exclusive VIP event, Grant, the founder of Hill Ventures, Inc. and Atlanta Hawks Vice-Chairman, goes one-on-one with Gerard Gibbons, UPS President of Small Business and U.S. Marketing, to talk about what it takes to overcome setbacks and how to adapt your business game plan to set yourself up for success.

  • Hear Grant’s mindset for problem solving and finding ways to adjust in life and business after unexpected events or setbacks
  • Learn why diversity is important in business and how to harness the power of diversity to transform and differentiate your business
  • Discover how Grant manages his time and priorities as a business person
  • Hear the qualities Grant thinks are essential for entrepreneurial success, and what he looks for in the small businesses he invests in
  • Learn three things about UPS to help set up your business for success
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Take advantage of early holiday savings of up to 65% off great gifts such as ThinkPad laptops, Yoga convertibles, Legion gaming systems and other great gadgets now through 11/2/2020.

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