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January 04, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
A Report from POTAIBD Bernie Kern
This is the LAST WEEK to enter!
The Building Design Awards is AIBD’s premier award program exhibiting design excellence in all commercial building designs.

All industry professionals are eligible to enter individual or collaborative projects.

However, professionals must be licensed, registered, or statutorily exempted from licensure to perform the work submitted (exemptions vary by state).

Start your submitting your entries today!

Virtual tours of architecture around the world.
Were virtual tours a thing before the pandemic?

We are not sure. But it has helped us to become more aware of them.

Thanks to 2020, some historic buildings are becoming more accessible than ever.

Your A-Team at AIBD recently discovered a virtual tour of Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Explore each of the twenty-one beautifully interpreted rooms throughout the Mansion’s three floors.

We were then inspired to find more amazing virtual tours.

  • Zoom in on the frescos at Sistine Chapel.
  • Hear the organ and bells when you visit the
  • Sacré-Coeur.
  • Access the loggia at Taliesin, something you couldn’t do if you were here.
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4 weekly tips to improve your life & business
Would you enjoy getting a short email from me (Steve Mickley) every Friday, that provides a little morsel of fun before the weekend?

4x Friday is a very short email I send out with four of the coolest things I’ve found, learned, or experienced that week.

It could include new products, ideas, tips, articles, hacks, and tricks.
Mostly building design and construction-related things, but maybe some weird stuff I dig up along the way, too.

It’s very short. A tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend.

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  • Susan Lei, CPBD, from Maitland, FL (December 14)
  • Jared Douglas, CPBD, from Oklahoma City, OK (November 30)
  • Suzie Segerstrom, CPBD, from Austin, TX (November 30)
The 5 steps to becoming certified:
  1. Take a 10-minute SAMPLE TEST,
  2. Download the Candidate Handbook,
  3. Apply online, (no cost to start the application, pay when you submit)
  4. Take a 60-minute PRACTICE EXAM (available after your application is approved, five attempts – no additional cost)
  5. Pass the 3-Hour certification exam (offered online, 24/7, 360 days per year)
Behold! The AIBD/CPBD whiteboard marketing video available to certified members to license for personal use.

Check it out on YouTube and then schedule a meeting with our executive director to discuss the complementary options and have the video personalized.

  • Anthony Sinclair, Professional Member from SC.
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Welcome new Compass Club members
No new Compass Club members these two months. 🙁

We’re currently working on the details for a membership drive in January 2021 that focuses as much on growing the Compass Club roster as it does the membership roster. Look for more info in next week’s Monday Minute and your email inbox.

This month’s mover & shaker
  • AIBD board member, Keith Zoni (Denver Metro Chapter & Central Colorado Chapter), earned one point by referring one new Associate Member. Keith is just 4 points from leveling up to Silver membership.
New Year’s Resolution! | AIBD’s Coffee With Bernie
Happy 2021!

Last year was challenging, and as we approach 2021, we may face new challenges.

I have said many times; today is the best day to be an AIBD member.

That is true each new day as we continue to grow.

Our Coffee chat session is always open to any topics related to our industry.

I want to kick off the 2021 year by sharing ideas on what you’re New Year’s resolutions are as you make 2021 plans for your design firms.

Let’s share among colleagues what your resolutions are and how you keep them.

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Winter Conference Updates!
The Greer & Lowdermilk Conference Center in Houston, Texas, is still closed due to COVID-19.

Last week, the AIBD Conference Committee decided to offer virtual registration only for the 2021 Design & Build Winter Conference.

With this new opportunity, the typical format of two-full-days of education is now spread out over three afternoons on February 24, 25, & 26.
Keep an eye on your inbox and visit often to view the new schedule, receive updates, and registration links, as things develop.

Friday, January 8, 2021, 10:00 am CST

Hang out with the newly forming AIBD, Southeast Texas Chapter centered on the Houston metro area.

This month’s lunch-and-learn presentation is by Giacomo Vianini, Technical Sales Manager, at Presenting live from Verona, Italy, Giacomo will teach about photogrammetry and how to use the product, 3DF Zephyr, with Revit and CAD.

Hang out with other important players in the residential design industry. Get tips, ideas, advice, and more by being a part of our local chapter. Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 11:30 am EST

Wondering what we’re going to do in 2021? Log in and see who else wants to know.
Having issues in your business? Bring them with you to lunch and let’s discuss them.
Working by yourself and could use some collaboration? Join us at noon and show us what you’re working on.

Hang out with other important players in the residential design industry. Get tips, ideas, advice, and more by being a part of our local chapter. Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Jan 13, 1:15PM to Jan 13, 3:00PM EST


Hang out and network with other high achievers and like-minded professionals specializing in residential design or construction.

Join us for an open space discussion on firewalls, separation walls, fire barriers, draft stops, and party walls. Are there differences? What makes them the same? What do building designers need to know about each? If you have anything to add to the discussion or if you have no idea what we’re talking about. This lunch and learn workshop is for you.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Come on in, click “Join Event.

Jan 15, 11:45AM to Jan 15, 1:45PM EST

Hang out with other like-minded achievers in the residential design, engineering, and construction industries.

Our guests this month are our friends at QuickTie Products – Debbie Nowlin and Wes Robbins. If you thought QuickTie Products is just for wood frame construction, you’re mistaken. Learn how to use the QuickTie System with masonry construction, for decorative porch posts, and behold their catalog of connectors, too.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Jan 29, 1:15PM to Jan 29, 3:00PM EST

Hang out and network with other high achievers and like-minded professionals specializing in residential design or construction.

Our presenter is Robert Pettett, owner of HomeLink Computer Services.  Since 2001 we have been offering affordable web development for residential builders, designers, and remodelers.  We have served clients in over 20 states in the USA including since 2006.

Robert’s presentation will include the basics for someone looking to start a website and then will move into some of the particulars of good maintenance practices for those who have websites.  These practices will include Content Updates, ‘Call to Action’,  Search Engine Optimization, and Security.  He will also be touching on Social Media (specifically LinkedIn, Facebook, and Houzz) and how to use these platforms to target specific local peoples in your cities with your marketing message.  All of these efforts, of course, are done with the goal of getting you more exposure and ultimately more business.

“I have appreciated the residential building industry for most of my life.” Robert shares. “My father was a residential builder and developer and my mother was a top real estate agent for many years. In my younger years, I worked professionally in construction in the areas of framing, trim work, deck building, waterproofing, and landscaping.”  It’s not surprising that Robert started a family-based web development company with a large focus of our work has been among home builders/developers and home designers.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, this online platform makes it easy for anyone to attend from anywhere.

Feb 12, 1:15PM to Feb 12, 3:00PM EST


Hang out with other like-minded high achievers in the residential design, engineering, and construction industries.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Training and Education
Make more money offering permit expediting services.
There are times when the client will want to expedite the project by applying for building permits before the bid-stage or the securing of a general contractor.

When that is the case, you are in a unique position to navigate the paperwork required by your cities’ planning department. Permit expediting services may be a perfect fit for your menu of services provided after the design phase.

How do you get Permit Expediting work?

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3 Reasons You’re STUCK Growing Your Business
Own a business?

Then you probably often feel overwhelmed and lonely.

Your situation comes from one or more of these 3 situations. And, they’re NOT what you think they are!

Join us for this one-hour course to find out what they are and how to fix them.

For more than two decades, business consultant Dino Eliadis has been helping small business owners, get UNSTUCK from their business.

  • Working long hours and there’s never enough time?
  • Struggling to stay ahead of cash flow?
  • Have a dozen balls in the air and not sure what you need to do next?
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The AIBD has partnered with Ron Blank & Associates to offer educational content relating to the knowledge areas and skills identified by AIBD’s building design practice analysis, which forms the foundation for AIBD’s Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) Exam.
The courses have been sorted according to the four domains of the exam:
  1. Business Administration,
  2. Business Practice,
  3. Design Process, and
  4. Building Design.

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If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or just want to hear some great career advice, join in the second Tuesday of each month to meet guests who have successfully completed, or are currently on, their journeys to becoming a CPBD.

Featuring the 2020 ARDA winners, the 2020 Summer issue of the AIBD magazine is on the shelf, read it now.

“When I was elected in 2018, I had a long list of goals.” Writes our Immediate Past President. Read what Karen Kassik-Michelsohn is proud of accomplishing.

“Building a better residential design profession, one designer at a time.” Writes AIBD President, Bernie Kern. Read about his objectives for 2020/2021.

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