2021 Virtual Design-Build Day & Summer Internship Fair

February 15, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
The Designers Show by Dan Baumann
Join Dan Baumann and John Schrader each week as they share their experiences and interview top industry experts.

As their website says, “You’ll get actionable tips and strategies for the real world of design in construction to help you take your design and contracting business to the next level.”

Dan is a design-build business coach and Certified Chief Architect Expert in Minnetonka, MN.

He joined AIBD as a Professional member in 2014. John is the owner of John Schrader Construction in Lake George, MN.

Dan and John began the weekly show nine months ago and have all 39 episodes available free on YouTube.

Episode #17 talks about what should be in a set of working drawings, and AIBD Executive Director Steve Mickley is their guest.

It’s their 3rd highest viewed show so far, but you can help change that. 🙂

AIBD’s Coffee With Bernie | Hopin
A monthly “fishbowl” open space discussion hosted by AIBD President, Bernie Kern, on the second Friday.

This month’s quests and opening topic
Stay tuned, Bernie is keeping his thoughts to himself right now. But it really doesn’t matter, he’ll talk about pretty much whatever you’d like to discuss (unless you’re an internet troll).

How does it work?
Coffee with Bernie is a fun and informal roundtable, or virtual gallery of colleagues, open for discussion on any industry-related topic. We are not limited to talking about what Bernie has planned. If you have something to share please join us. Bring your most unique coffee cup or drinking glass. It’s a great way to kick-off the weekend.

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Get a $1000 AIBD scholarship to Housing 2.0.
Sam Rashkin and Green Builder Media announce the Housing 2.0 Program, a wide-ranging engagement, and education program dedicated to optimizing the housing sector.

AIBD Members get a $500 scholarship when registering for “Option 1” and a $1000 scholarship when registering for “Option 2” (by February 28).

The Housing 2.0 program will empower building professionals—with a special focus on production builders—to design and construct higher performance, healthier, more sustainable homes at a fraction of the cost.

The first step is to REGISTER and fill out a survey, to see if you qualify.

ARDA Opens March 1 – Save the Date!
The AIBD will begin recognizing healthy home design beginning with 2021 ARDAs!

What kind of entries will qualify? “When we think about a Healthy Home, it includes a large range of factors, from the air, water, colors to open spaces and personal spaces.” Says ARDA Chairman Ted Hake. “It also calls for lighting that promotes activity and de-stressing, as well as indoor plants and small gardens.”

The American Residential Design Awards (ARDA) spotlights the most creative design professionals and builders in the nation. All residential industry professionals are eligible, and entries are not grouped by square footage or value because judging is conducted by a panel of residential design and construction experts based on the entry itself’s quality.

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Reach 8,400+ AIBD members and professionals each week.
The AIBD has ad space available in this weekly e-newsletter, Monday Minute.

We are also filling the 2021 dedicated blast schedule. A dedicated blast is an email exclusively dedicated to your company and a message sent to over 8,400 AIBD subscribers.

Availability is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Kathy Dowdy, Account Manager (kdowdy@associationrevenuepartners.com), if you have any questions or if you’d like to secure your campaign.

  • Shawna Duncan, CPBD, from Brookfield, WI (February 8)
  • Dinesh Shah, CPBD, from Sugar Land, TX (January 27)
  • Bob Ochieng, CPBD, from Gaithersburg, MD (January 25)
  • William Lytal, CPBD, from Houston, TX (January 14)
The 5 steps to becoming certified:
  1. Take a 10-minute SAMPLE TEST, AIBD.org/testlogin (OPTIONAL).
  2. Download the Candidate Handbook, AIBD.org/certification.
  3. Apply online, AIBD.org/certification (no cost to start the application, pay when you submit)
  4. Take a 60-minute PRACTICE EXAM (available after your application is approved, five attempts – no additional cost – OPTIONAL)
  5. Pass the 3-Hour certification exam (offered online, 24/7, 360 days per year)
Behold! The AIBD/CPBD whiteboard marketing video is available to certified members to license for personal use. Check it out on YouTube.

Then schedule a meeting with our executive director (aibd.org/meetsteve) to discuss the complementary options and have the video personalized.

  • Stephanie Inglis, Associate Member from ON
  • John J Police, Educator from IN
  • Dennis E Fletcher, Professional Member from MD
  • Lauren Briggs, Professional Member from CO
  • Orville Lavinghouse, Professional Member from LA
  • Harper Eugene Hug, Professional Member from FL
  • Harvey Dean Prickett, Professional Member from WA
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Welcome new Compass Club members
  • Congrats! Randy Young (Clearwater, FL) for recruiting a new Professional Member in January and entering the Compass Club.
    This month’s mover & shakers
  • Thanks, Barry Binns (Broomfield, CO), for recruiting a new Professional Member and getting two points closer to earning the “Bronze” level of membership.
Show Your Value Through Certifications
Typically, no one needs to be certified to be in the construction industry. In fact, most people can begin their career working as an apprentice.

Although it isn’t strictly needed, certification shows a steadfast commitment to your industry and lets others know you are dedicated. With the right certifications, you’ll stand out above the rest, increasing your value and worth.

Join us for the 2021 Design & Build Winter Conference and learn about the most common and useful construction certifications that you can earn, as well as what to do with them once you have them.

Register me now!
2021 Virtual Design-Build Day & Summer Internship Fair
Friday March 5, 2021 8:00 AM-12:00PM
The Weber State University Construction & Building Sciences Design-Build Day & Summer Internship Fair is an annual event where we connect students with internship and job opportunities in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.

2500+ students come to find their future employment opportunities.

AIBD is an official “Industry Partner” and there might still be time for your company.

Email Jeremy Farner, jfarner@weber.edu (AIBD Pro Member & NCBDC Councilman) for more information on partnership level opportunities to recruit students for internship and job opportunities with your company.

Feb 16, 11:30AM to Feb 16, 1:30PM EST

Why Bamboo? Join us this month as our guest speaker Chuck Bassford of Ambient Building Products, answers that question. Abient provides Bamboo flooring, plywood, and MagPanel. What’s a MagPanel?…another reason to attend, right?

Please be aware of the meeting schedule in advance.

  • 11:30 am to 12:00 pm: Chapter Meeting (Members Only – a ‘private’ ticket is required, contact the chair, Sam Guidry).
  • 11:30 am to 12:00 pm: There will be a second session for anyone not currently a member of the Cape Fear Chapter to hang out and network.
  • 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm: Ambient Building Products presentation and closing remarks.
Click “Join Event.

Add to your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Feb 17, 11:15AM to Feb 17, 1:00PM EST
Meet our new Chairperson, Nizam Emanmdie of True Design Studios. Join us as Nizam leads an industry “fishbowl” discussion. You pick the topic.

Click “Join Event” and join us inside.

Add it to your calendar, so you don’t forget!

Feb 19, 12:00 PM to Feb 19, 1:30PM EST

Things were messed up last month, so returning this month are our friends at QuickTie Products – Debbie Nowlin and Wes Robbins. If you thought QuickTie Products is just for wood frame construction, you’re mistaken. Learn how to use the QuickTie System with masonry construction for decorative porch posts, and behold their catalog of connectors, too.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this event. Click “Join Event.”

Add to your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Saturday, February 20, 2021, 12:00 pm EST

Welcome, all AIBD members, non-members, designers, and guests.
This month’s discussion is on LIDAR technology application in residential architecture.

  • 12:00 to 1:00 pm – Chapter meeting
  • 1:00 to 2:00 pm – LIDAR Apps Presentation by Heather Baldwin
Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this event. Click “Join Event.

Add to your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Feb 23, 10:00AM to Feb 23, 11:30AM EST
This month’s discussion will begin with “CAD drawings and the cloud.” If there’s time, a question that’s on our chairman’s mind, “Is CPBD for everyone?”

And possibly, a little discussion about ARDA, which opens March 1. No guest speaker or sponsor, just a round table talk.

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Feb 23, 11:45AM to Feb 23, 1:30PM EST
At the SE Texas Chapter meeting last month, AIBD Professional Member, author, builder, and teacher, Fernando Pages Ruiz taught us the history of wood and stone construction methods and how they influence how we design and build homes today. He also spoke about the renaissance of the traditional neighborhood. CLICK HERE to view the recording.

This month, the Eastern Tennessee Chapter will present Fernando’s continuation. He will go into detail about exterior cladding options and choosing exterior materials for an affordable home design that looks grand. Which was originally scheduled for the February SE Texas Chapter meeting, but there was a mix up in the schedule.

Feb 26, 11:30AM to Feb 26, 1:00PM MST
Meet one of our newest Corporate members, Savaria.

Savaria is all about products that help improve mobility. Whether that’s for your home, in a vehicle, or in public spaces, we design and build products to make life more accessible.

We employ over 1,500 people around the world including 30 staff in research and development dedicated to creating new products and innovations for improving existing products.

Savaria has a Denver office and the staff will join us for Lunch N Learn on residential elevators and ADA products.

Click “Join Event” and we’ll see you inside.

And add it to your calendar so you don’t forget!

Mar 5, 10:00 AM to Mar 5, 11:45PM CST
Join us for an international demonstration of 3DF Zephyr by Giacomo Vianini, Technical Sales Manager, from 3DFlow in Italy. See how 3DF Zephyr uses both photography and laser scanning techniques to extract photorealistic and accurate 3D models.

Mar 12, 1:00PM to Mar 12, 2:30PM EST

Hang out with other like-minded achievers in the residential design, engineering, and construction industries located in and around the Tampa Bay area.

The virtual doors open at 12:45 pm for networking with the meeting starting at 1:00 pm.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event.”

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Mar 12, 1:15PM to Mar 12, 3:30PM EST

Hang out with other like-minded achievers in the residential design, engineering, and construction industries located in and around the Denver Metro area.

The virtual doors open at 12:45 pm for networking with the meeting starting at 1:00 pm.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this event.

Click “Join Event.”

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Training and Education
AIBD Members get 60% off on-demand education!
We’ve increased the discount available to AIBD members when registering for on-demand online education at AIBD.org/continuing-education. The normal price for a one-hour course is $50, and rather than AIBD members paying $35, that figure has been reduced to $21. That’s a $29 savings on each course.

We said 60% off; it’s actually 58%, we rounded up.

One course per month (with a month or two off) means you’ve paid for your annual membership and more.

There are three ways to get ahold of the discount code.

  1. Refer to the welcome email received upon joining AIBD.
  2. Go to AIBD.org/member-center, log in and click the “Discount Codes” tab.
  3. Contact us at 202-750-4900 or info@AIBD.org.

Like this one presented by AIBD Corporate member Plastpro.

Design professionals learn about fiberglass entry doors’ physical and structural components and compare their performance to those of wood and steel doors.

Did you know the National Fenestration Rating Council and North American Fenestration Standards have a rating system?

Are you aware fiberglass entry doors can be used to fulfill guidelines relating to ENERGY STAR® and LEED®?

4 weekly tips to improve your life & business
Would you enjoy getting a short email from me (Steve Mickley) every Friday that provides a little morsel of fun before the weekend?

4x Friday is a concise email I send out with four of the coolest things I’ve found, learned, or experienced that week.

It could include new products, ideas, tips, articles, hacks, and tricks.

It’s concise. A tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend.

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Listen to the AIBD podcast, Let’s Talk Certification, on iHeartRADIO, a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform founded in 2008.

Thanks to the work of AIBD Communications Director, Garrett Mickley, ten episodes are currently available featuring Sam Morgan, Jeremy Farner, Brendan Smythe, Miguel Villalobos Sandoval, Casey Thompson, Kristen Kaiser, Pamela Macior, Dan Turner, Larry Stephenson, Past AIBD President, David Pillsbury, and AIBD Certification Director, Rusty Hudnet.

If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or want to hear some great career advice, join in the second Tuesday of each month to meet guests who have completed or are currently on their journeys to becoming a CPBD.

Featuring the 2020 ARDA winners, the 2020 Summer issue of the AIBD magazine is on the shelf. Please read it now. 

“When I was elected in 2018, I had a long list of goals.” Writes our Immediate Past President. Read what Karen Kassik-Michelsohn is proud of accomplishing.

“Building a better residential design profession, one designer at a time.” Writes AIBD President Bernie Kern. Read about his objectives for 2020/2021.

Read the next issue of AIBD magazine…

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