Happy 4th of July – The beginning of a new era, for AIBD.

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July 5, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
Happy 4th of July – The beginning of a new era, for AIBD.
Executive Director Steve Mickley provides an update on AIBD 2020/2021 fiscal year, as well as looking to the future.
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An announcement from AIBD President Bernie Kern
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You be the Judge!
Each year, the world is invited to help choose the ARDA Global Choice Award winner.


Mark your calendar and set aside a few moments to vote for your favorite. Then make plans to be on hand when we announce the winner at the AIBD Awards Gala on July 31, 2021, at the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Voting ends at 8:00 pm MT, during the ARDA Awards Gala, in Colorado Springs, CO.


*You must have a LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account to vote.
Board and Council nominations are closing soon.
July 7, 2021, is the deadline to submit your nominations for the Board of Directors.


July 21, 2021, is the deadline to submit your application to serve on the National Council of Building Designer Certification.

Visit AIBD.org/boardform to view our current slate of officers and directors and submit a nomination for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

And visit AIBD.org/councilform to apply for membership on the NCBDC. There is a maximum of 18 seats open each year, and Council Members must apply every year.

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Congratulations! To our new CPBDs!
  • Daniel Hagman, CPBD, from Roseville, CA (June 30)
  • Elise Rand, CPBD, from Maitland, FL (June 29)
  • George Cole, CPBD, from Houston, TX (June 29)
  • Whitney Julian, CPBD, from Saint Johns, FL (June 17)
  • David West, CPBD, from Medina, OH (May 24)
  • Matthew Edwards, CPBD, from Waxahachie, TX (May 17)
Making a bigger impact on our industry, year over year!


THREE more CPBDs joined the ranks the last week of June…YEAH!! 👏💪

AIBD HAS SET A NEW RECORD for the number of new CPBDs within a fiscal year. 🎉🙌

  • Lisa Alajajian Giroux, Professional member from MA
  • Stephen Craig Allen, Professional member from NC
  • John Angelilli, Professional member from PA
  • Heather Bowman, Associate member from PA
  • Scott Brekke, Professional member from SC
  • Dan Burke, Professional member from MO
  • Fred Dickson, Professional member from VA
  • Jose Raymundo Ford, Professional member from TX
  • Jacob Globke, Professional member from OH
  • Ron Globke, Professional member from OH
  • R. Gray Harris, Professional member from NC
  • Mark Hendricks, Professional member from MD
  • Jasmine M. Hollis, Professional member from TX
  • Mark Robert Johnson, Associate member from TX
  • Michael E. Johnson, Professional member from CT
  • Tony Kish, Professional member from FL
  • Tim Leimbach, Professional member from MD
  • Jonathan Linn, Professional member from SC
  • Eric Lytle, Professional member from CA
  • Michael Martinez, Professional member from TX
  • Carol C.J. McBride, Professional member from TX
  • Robert McDonald, Professional member from WI
  • Lindsay Meranda, Professional member from OH
  • Mahsa Naseri, Educator member from OH
  • John Nestor, Professional member from MA
  • Christopher Price, Associate member from NC
  • Patricia Sauer, Professional member from OR
  • Robert Charles Smith, Professional member from TX
  • Jason Sommers, Professional member from TX
  • Dirk L Veteto, Professional member from TN
  • Daniel Warren, Professional member from CA
  • Jasmine Washington, Student member from LA
  • David Woody, Professional member from CO
Welcome this year’s new Compass Club members (July through June)
  • Robert Akins (CO)
  • David Blay (NV) 
  • William Burton (TX)
  • Matt Gray (TX)
  • Shawn Hood (TX)
  • Winford Jones (UT)
  • Alex Nicolas (FL)
  • Scott Tiffany (FL)
  • Randy Young (FL)

June’s Movers and Shakers!
  • Larry James recruited a Professional member and is now 1 point from leveling up to a Bronze Member.
  • Len Van Staalduinen recruited a Professional member and is now 4 points from leveling up to a Silver Member
  • Jim Wright recruited a Professional member and is now 1 point from leveling up to Gold Member.
  • Bernie Kern recruited 3 Professional members, making it a total of 7 total members for the fiscal year!
Bill Ding Membership Awards Winners

Professional members who have recruited 3 new Professional members or 1 Corporate member during the fiscal year  (July through June) receives a free renewal. Here are our Bill Ding Membership Award Winners in 20/21.


  • Dan Baumann (MN) (6 Professional members + 1 Educator member)
  • Bernie Kern (CO) (7 Professional members)
  • Bill Murray (TX) (3 Professional members)
This year’s Compass Club celebration party

Join us on July 29, 2021, for a Hoedown at the Ghost Town Museum in Colorado Springs, CO (authentic western wear optional). All Compass Club members (+ one) are invited to enjoy an evening of food, fun, networking, casino games, and prizes.


Learn more about the Compass Club and check out the full roster of members.

Summer Conference Registration is Open!
Attend the AIBD’s Design & Build Summer Conference in person and/or virtually on July 30, 2021.



The Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs is open (with some minor limitations) and wired for virtual paired events. Call the hotel to make your reservation and lock in your $159 room rate – (719) 955-5600 (48-hour cancellations)

The deadline for reserving your room is July 5th.

Upcoming chapter meetings (and more).
Be informed about all AIBD events at AIBD.org/events.


Here’s a quick list of what’s happening this week.

July 5 – NCBDC Executive Committee meeting
(4:30 pm ET/3:30 CT/2:30 MT/1:30 PT)

July 7 – AIBD Board of Directors meeting
(4:00 pm ET/3:00 CT/2:00 MT/1:00 PT)

July 9 – AIBD, Coffee With Bernie
(10:00 am ET/9:00 CT/8:00 MT/7:00 PT)

July 9 – AIBD, Southeast Texas Chapter
(12:30 pm ET/11:30 am CT/10:30 MT/9:300 PT) 

Training and Education
Focused business training available on-demand.
A library of training videos provided by the Certified Training Institute (CTI), one of our newest CE Providers, now lives on AIBD.org.   
Each of the 25+ hours of training is identified and arranged according to the associated areas of knowledge and skills, according to the AIBD’s Building Designer Job Task Analysis (JTA), which is found on pages 39-43 in the CPBD Candidate Handbook.
There are four knowledge areas identified in the JTA – Business Administration, Business Practices, Design Process, and Building Design.
The new Certified Training Institute webpage currently includes instruction in only the first domain – Business Admin. But rather than waiting until all 56 CTI classes are uploaded, we’ll announce each of the parts as they go live (about two weeks apart).
Thanks to CTI, everyone wishing to become better skilled at their craft will have specialized training access.
Whether you’re a CPBD looking for approved Primary CEs, you’re preparing yourself for the CPBD exam, or you want to be the best you can be at what you do, bookmark AIBD.org/onlineCTI.
AIBD Members get 60% off on-demand education!
We’ve increased the discount available to AIBD members when registering for on-demand online education at AIBD.org/continuing-education. The normal price for a one-hour course is $50, and rather than AIBD members paying $35, that figure has been reduced to $21. That’s a $29 savings on each course. 


We said 60% off; it’s actually 58%, we rounded up.

One course per month (with a month or two off) means you’ve paid for your annual membership and more.

There are three ways to get ahold of the discount code.

  1. Refer to the welcome email received upon joining AIBD.
  2. Go to AIBD.org/member-center, log in and click the “Discount Codes” tab.
  3. Contact us at 202-750-4900 or info@AIBD.org


With nearly 50,000 professionals and homeowner’s trained since 2000, AIBD CE Provider Green Home Institute provides top-notch, relevant, and just-in-time live, online, and on-demand education.


Get trained, learn something new, and pick up some continuing education while you’re at it.


Like this one presented by AIBD Corporate member Plastpro.


Design professionals learn about fiberglass entry doors’ physical and structural components and compare their performance to those of wood and steel doors. 

Did you know the National Fenestration Rating Council and North American Fenestration Standards have a rating system? 

Are you aware fiberglass entry doors can be used to fulfill guidelines relating to ENERGY STAR® and LEED®?

Reach 8,400+ AIBD members and professionals each week.
The AIBD has ad space available in this weekly e-newsletter, Monday Minute.


We are also filling the 2021 dedicated blast schedule. A dedicated blast is an email exclusively dedicated to your company and a message sent to over 8,400 AIBD subscribers.

Availability is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Kathy Dowdy, Account Manager (kdowdy@associationrevenuepartners.com), if you have any questions or if you’d like to secure your campaign.


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Find AIBD on iHeartRADIO.
Listen to the AIBD podcast, Let’s Talk Certification, on iHeartRADIO, a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform founded in 2008.


Thanks to the work of AIBD Communications Director, Garrett Mickley, ten episodes are currently available featuring Sam Morgan, Jeremy Farner, Brendan Smythe, Miguel Villalobos Sandoval, Casey Thompson, Kristen Kaiser, Pamela Macior, Dan Turner, Larry Stephenson, Past AIBD President, David Pillsbury, and AIBD Certification Director, Rusty Hudnet.

If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or want to hear some great career advice, join in the second Tuesday of each month to meet guests who have completed or are currently on their journeys to becoming a CPBD.


Featuring the 2020 ARDA winners, the 2020 Summer issue of the AIBD magazine is on the shelf. Please read it now. 


“When I was elected in 2018, I had a long list of goals.” Writes our Immediate Past President. Read what Karen Kassik-Michelsohn is proud of accomplishing.

“Building a better residential design profession, one designer at a time.” Writes AIBD President Bernie Kern. Read about his objectives for 2020/2021.

Read the next issue of AIBD magazine…

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