How to get the advice you desire with on-demand peer-to-peer coaching. [Monday Minute]

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December 20, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s Monday Minute weekly newsletter.
How to get the advice you desire with on-demand peer-to-peer coaching.
It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career, and your world is constantly changing. 
You’re forced to do things you’ve never done before, or maybe you want to do something you’ve never done before. 
You always have questions. 
Those questions can be answered by someone who’s already gone through what you’re going through or about to go through. 
You want to learn what you want to know when you’re ready to understand it, not when you’re able to attend a webinar or conference.

We’ve created a solution:

Give me the answer!
Building Design in the Metaverse
$500,000. That’s how much the first metaverse house design sold for. 
It’s called “Mars House,” designed by digital artist Krista Kim
It fits the name. 
Everything looks like…
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There’s magic in the air, but there’s also tension: Designer puts holiday stress in perspective
From this week’s #HomeDESIGN Pro Daily, Click here to subscribe.
Posted by:

The tension lies at the core of both excellent design and memorable occasions. Now stay with me. Imagine how boring a movie, a piece of music, a novel, or even a sporting event…

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Meet our newest CPBDs!
Help us congratulate our newest achievers.
  • Eric Richmond, CPBD, from Langley, WA (11/25)
  • Robert Nedd, CPBD, from Conroe, TX (11/23)
  • Michael Ertzinger, CPBD, from The Woodlands, TX (11/12)
  • Matthew Parker, CPBD, from Fort Worth, TX (10/29)
Follow our progress (July to June).
  • 14 (So Far!) schedule your exam today!
  • 47 in 2020/2021 (the record)
  • 46 in 2019/2020
  • 44 in 2018/2019
Become a CPBD.
It’s a testament to your expertise—like a badge of honor.
It demonstrates to clients and employers that you are experienced and committed to following best practice standards.

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  • William Lytal, Professional Member from TX
  • Gerardo Pagan Roman, Professional Member from TX
  • Jenna Mascia, Professional Member from FL
  • Leo McGee, Professional Member from GA
  • Aiken Jeter, Professional Member from NC
  • Maria V. Whelton, Professional Member from TX
  • Matthew A. Russell, Educator from TX
  • Erika Flores, Educator from TX
  • Patricia Wilson, Student Member from SC
Compass Club Report
(July 1, 2021, through today)
Total Score = 45 points
Last Year’s Score = 93 points
The Record = 154 pts (2018/2019)

Welcome to our new Compass Club members 

  • Dinesh Shah (TX) recruited a Professional member in November
  • Jason Orlowski (TX) recruited a Professional member in September.
  • Roya Azimzadeh (MO) recruited a Student member in August.
  • Geoffrey S Jones (OK) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Steve Smith (TX) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Casey Thompson (NC) recruited a Professional member in July.
  • Ron Globke (OH) recruited a Professional member in July. 
This Week’s Movers and Shakers.
Although we recruited new members this week, none of them reported having been referred by another member. 😢

Track your points, or learn how to join the AIBD Compass Club.

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We’ve increased the discount available to AIBD members when registering for on-demand online education at The normal price for a one-hour course is $50, and rather than AIBD members paying $35, that figure has been reduced to $21. That’s a $29 savings on each course. 

We said 60% off; it’s actually 58%, we rounded up.

One course per month (with a month or two off) means you’ve paid for your annual membership and more.

There are three ways to get ahold of the discount code.

  1. Refer to the welcome email received upon joining AIBD.
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  3. Contact us at 202-750-4900 or
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Have a triumphant week!

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