The CPBD designation is about to become worth much more. [Monday Minute]

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January 31, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s Monday Minute weekly newsletter.
The CPBD designation is about to become worth much more.
When you pass the CPBD exam, that’s only the first step of what becomes many years of incremental professional development.

The exam states to the public that you have a certain amount of experience and a minimum level of knowledge.

Year after year, earning your certification states that we responsibly self-regulate our industry to the public.

Here’s how we’re going to help you communicate that.


Show me how to prove my worth to the industry!
What Is the Fibonacci Sequence and How Does It Relate to Architecture?
From this week’s #HomeDESIGN Pro Daily,
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One of the most famous mathematical sequences, the golden ratio represents a “perfection of nature” for some.

What does this have to do with architecture?

If this interests you, also check out our course on how to use the Fibonacci Sequence in your designs.


Read the article
Meet our newest CPBDs!
Help us congratulate our latest achievers.
  • Jorge Menendez, CPBD #44-809, Coppell, TX (1/21)
  • Joshua Derrick, CPBD #41-114, North Augusta, SC (1/18)
  • Jeremiah Dillow, CPBD #10-261, from Brandon, FL (1/11)
Follow our progress (July to June).
  • 19 (So Far!) We are on pace to have 32 in June.
  • 47 in 2020/2021 (the record)
  • 46 in 2019/2020
  • 44 in 2018/2019
It’s a testament to your expertise—like a badge of honor. It demonstrates to clients and employers that you are experienced and committed to following best practices and standards. 
Want help scheduling your exam?
Watch this short video by ProctorU or Email us,

Already a CPBD? Know your status.
CLICK HERE, search by name, CPBD#, state, or zip code, and make sure you’re current. 


  • Nicholas O. Smith, Associate Member from FL
  • Shawn Kittle, Professional Member from OH
  • George Etayo, Professional Member from FL
  • Jorge Eric Menendez, Professional Member from TX
  • Scott Gunn, Professional Member from TX
  • Dennis Armstrong, Professional Member from GA
  • Susan Bernard, Professional Member from FL
  • Nell Tucker, Professional Member from PA


Compass Club Report
(July 1, 2021, through today)

Total Score = 49 points, we’re on pace to reach 98 by June 30th.
Last Year’s Score = 93 points
The Record = 154 pts (2018/2019)

Welcome to our new Compass Club members

  • Paul Brown (MO) recruited 16 Student members in December
  • Brian Smith (TX) recruited a Professional member in December
  • Dinesh Shah (TX) recruited a Professional member in November
  • Jason Orlowski (TX) recruited a Professional member in September.
  • Roya Azimzadeh (MO) recruited a Student member in August.
  • Geoffrey S Jones (OK) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Steve Smith (TX) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Casey Thompson (NC) recruited a Professional member in July.
  • Ron Globke (OH) recruited a Professional member in July.
This Week’s Movers and Shakers.
  • Bernie Kern (CO) recruited his second Professional member this FY and is still third overall in career CC Points.
  • Thomas Hagge (WA) recruited a Professional member and is now only one point from earning Bronze Level membership in the CC.
  • Mike Battaglia (OH ) assisted in recruiting a Professional member back in November. We missed it somehow. Congrats (and sorry) Mike!


Does Reality “Design” TV Constipate You? A touch Crampy?
Us too!  

Announcing the birth of ANTI-REALITY-TV! 

Finally, a program produced by Designers to reveal the REALITY of Design & construction. 

It’s time to pull back the curtain to let the Homeowner see Oz.  

Watch our Intro and give us your thoughts. 


Take a Look
Upcoming chapter meetings (and more).
  • February 19 (In-person only) – AIBD, OKI Chapter, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm ET, Lunch & Learn by Kohler and TruExterior. Bucca di Beppo, 60 E. Wilson Bridge Road,  Worthington, OH 43085. The Cost is $35/person and first-time guests are free. A door prize is generously being offered by Andrew from TruExterior. Please RSVP by February 5th to (801) 652-3117 or
  • February 24 & 25 (Hybrid) – Design & Build Winter Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund G & L Conference Center, 4225 Interwood N Pkwy, Houston, TX 77032. 
Be informed about all AIBD events and those hosted by our industry partners at


AIBD VP to speak at Chicago Build
Design Support services – How to optimize your design business with remote support
Good help is hard to find. In many cases, design professionals shoulder the burden of the bulk of their design workload in lieu of delegating it to an effective support team. 

Join Benjamin Tabolt, Global Product Portfolio Manager – Services with MiTek and Internal Vice President with AIBD as he shares his story of building a successful design support company. 

Eventually, Ben’s team was acquired by MiTek and he currently is working with over 2,100 staff supporting hundreds of design customers all over the world. 

Come discover the benefits of an effective support team and how they can help free you up to unlock your full potential as a design professional.


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Unleash the Power of BIM in Your Project Designs
LotSpec brings automation to the process of creating lot specific documents used for permitting and construction and includes a powerful set of tools for building master plan documentation used for bidding and approval processes.


Training and Education
High-performance home design training by Green Home Institute
With nearly 50,000 professionals and homeowner’s trained since 2000, AIBD CE Provider Green Home Institute provides top-notch, relevant, and just-in-time live, online, and on-demand education. 

The above image is just one of many options this year.



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