How to be like George Costanza and avoid jail for impersonating an architect. [Monday Minute]

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February 28, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s Monday Minute weekly newsletter.
How to be like George Costanza and avoid jail for impersonating an architect.
George Costanza is a fictional character on the sitcom Seinfeld.

It’s touted as a show about nothing.

But I think we can learn a very important lesson from it.

Teach me the ways of Constanza
50 New CAD Details Uploaded to Our Library!
Over the past two months we have uploaded 50 new CAD Detail sets to our free library.

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How to Take Advantage of Side Setbacks?
From this week’s #HomeDESIGN Pro Daily, Click here to subscribe. 
Different ways of imagining and designing the side setback so that they better integrate your architectural project and not just be a hallway.
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Meet our newest CPBDs!
Help us congratulate our latest achievers.
  • Aurora Fain, CPBD #44-810, Houston, TX (2/25)
  • Jessica Pinney, CPBD #05-652, Carmel, CA (1/31)
  • Jorge Menendez, CPBD #44-809, Coppell, TX (1/21)
  • Joshua Derrick, CPBD #41-114, North Augusta, SC (1/18)
  • Jeremiah Dillow, CPBD #10-261, from Brandon, FL (1/11)
Follow our progress (July to June).
  • 20 (So Far!) We are on pace to have 30 in June.
  • 47 in 2020/2021 (the record)
  • 46 in 2019/2020
  • 44 in 2018/2019
It’s a testament to your expertise—like a badge of honor. It demonstrates to clients and employers that you are experienced and committed to following best practices and standards. 
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CLICK HERE, search by name, CPBD#, state, or zip code, and make sure you’re current. 

  • Jose Rafael Alvarado, Professional Member from TX
  • Elizabeth Miller Brannan, Professional Member from TX
  • James Cain, Student Member from GA
  • Ampy Carlos, Associate Member from CO
  • Trudy B. Cook, Professional Member from UT
  • Mark Forgette, Professional Member from CA
  • Andrew Gregory Gannaway, Professional Member from TX
  • Justin Knight, Professional Member 
  • Justin Mathews, Associate Member from TX
  • Ashley McFarlin, Professional Member from LA
  • Jim M’Guinness, Professional Member from CA
  • John R. Neal, Professional Member from CA
  • Eynell A Rodriguez, Professional Member from CA
  • Azar Shaheen, Associate Member from TX
  • Halyna Skala Tataryn, Professional Member from AB
  • Stefani Thatcher, Professional Member from UT
  • Jose Carlos Vasquez, Professional Member from TX
  • Amaha Zewede, Professional Member from CA
Compass Club Report
(July 1, 2021, through today)

Total Score = 55 points, we’re on pace to reach 87 by June 30th.
Last Year’s Score = 93 points
The Record = 154 pts (2018/2019)

Welcome to our new Compass Club members

  • Mollie Ackner (NC) recruited a Professional member in February.
  • Paul Brown (MO) recruited 16 Student members in December.
  • Brian Smith (TX) recruited a Professional member in December.
  • Dinesh Shah (TX) recruited a Professional member in November.
  • Jason Orlowski (TX) recruited a Professional member in September.
  • Roya Azimzadeh (MO) recruited a Student member in August.
  • Geoffrey S Jones (OK) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Steve Smith (TX) recruited a Professional member in August.
  • Casey Thompson (NC) recruited a Professional member in July.
  • Ron Globke (OH) recruited a Professional member in July.
This Week’s Movers and Shakers.
  • Ben Tabolt, AIBD Internal VP,  recruited two new Associate Members this week. Way to go Ben! You’re only almost 2/3’s of your way to the Diamond Level.
Does Reality “Design” TV Constipate You? A touch Crampy?
Us too!  

Announcing the birth of ANTI-REALITY-TV! 

Finally, a program produced by Designers to reveal the REALITY of Design & construction. 

It’s time to pull back the curtain to let the Homeowner see Oz.  

Watch our Intro and give us your thoughts. 

Take a Look
Upcoming chapter meetings (and more).
March 1 – Tuesday @2:00 Webinar – Looking for your tribe? Wondering how other home designers charge, what their processes look like, how to find work? Have questions about structure, bearing, etc? Need general industry advice? Nervous about going solo? Designer Stephani Thatcher teaches us how to become a part of a  growing community filled with tips, tricks, and support.

March 4 – AIBD, Southeast Texas Chapter – 12:30 pm ET / 11:30 am CT / 10:30 am MT / 9:30 am PT – Kimberly Renger from HeatnGlo is presenting a lunch and learn seminar to discuss their latest products.

March 8 – AIBD, Salt Lake Metro Chapter – 12 pm ET / 11 am CT / 10 am MT / 9 am PT – We will discuss upcoming code changes for the 2021 IRC.  No formal presentation… just a round table discussion of items found in the Significant Changes to the IRC book.

March 10 – AIBD, Central Florida Chapter – Networking Happy Hour – 5:30 pm ET – Sanford Brewing.

March 11 – Coffee With Bernie – 10 am ET / 9 am CT / 8 am MT / 7 am PT.

Be informed about all AIBD events and those hosted by our industry partners at

This week! – New York Build!
Featuring 300+ speakers across 11 conference tracks, AIA CES workshops, networking parties, Festival of Construction, live music, entertainment and much more.
There are limited no-cost tickets available, so register your team today.
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Unleash the Power of BIM in Your Project Designs
LotSpec brings automation to the process of creating lot specific documents used for permitting and construction and includes a powerful set of tools for building master plan documentation used for bidding and approval processes.
Training and Education
Energy Savings With Air Curtains – Webinar
Air curtains create a seamless barrier of air over any door, window, or opening, offering significant energy savings to building owners and help … 
Read More
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