Summer Conference Sessions


The Art of Design Communication: Why Great Designers Use Their Hands

Presenter: Bob Kirchman, Architectural Illustrator and Designer

This is a workshop in quick and effective visual presentation techniques where participants will enhance their ability to use hand drawing in conversation with clients to better communicate design objectives and identify desirable outcomes in the design process.

Bob will explore a simplified perspective method that allows for rapid sketching and smooths the communication/decision process for designer and client. You will receive a guide to effective visualization written by the presenter.


How Building Designers Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands in Taxes

Presenter: Joanna Larson, The American Society for Asset Protection (ASAP)

Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools you can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve peace of mind. You will learn how to make yourself so unattractive to a plaintiff attorney that they will never pursue a lawsuit against you. You will be given five tax reduction strategies most people fail to utilize, which could save your more than $10,000 each year in taxes. You will be taken through a checklist of items that are important to every estate and business succession plan and you will learn what you should be doing now to prepare for successful business and estate secession.


Design+Build: The Overlooked Key to Success

Presenter: Sean D. Sullivan, AMB, CGP, CAPS, BGRE, Living Stone Construction

The Great Recession brought to light many systems that were broken and, as a result, many innovations were created. The greatest of which is a unique team of professionals who work in collaboration to bring the ultimate value in the creation of a new home through a well-orchestrated team that we call Design+Build.

Attend this session and Sean will show you how he experienced greater profit margins by obtaining more leads, closing more sales and improving his customer service.


Home Sweet BIM

Presenter: Suzanne Oldweiler, Consultant, Graphisoft

For building designers embarking upon the design of a new or remodeled home, they are discovering a new kind of residential client.

More sophisticated and informed than ever, today’s homeowners are tapping into popular social media sites where design ideas and photos are searchable and available. With more than 30 million monthly unique users perusing the pages of Houzz and 130 million boards pinned in Penterest’s Home Decor category, consumers have access to literally millions of ideas when it comes to residential architecture and design.

Building designers and clients need a way to clearly, quickly, and easily communicate their design ideas, both in 2D and 3D, and BIM is the ideal platform. Join us to learn how to streamline BIM workflow, resulting in a clear file sharing, robust model details, and happier clients. Learn how to expedite and streamline the construction document phase. Use BIM to gain traction with residential design and architectural firms. Be more creative and work faster with rock-star like results.


High Performance Home Design Panel Discussion

Presenters: AIBD’s High Performance Homes Team

Be better at your craft. Create homes that are energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable. Set your client’s design services expectations to a higher level. Learn about AIBD’s High Performance Homes Team and how you can become a team member too.

Join this presentation and panel discussion involving the professional design team responsible for this year’s International Building Show Tiny House Lab. Our panelists will show highlights from the IBS event that includes reviewing specific details used to build a building with a perfect blower door test, complete with interactive details of the framing and insulating techniques.

Closing Session

Presenter: Fadi Malouf

Closing the event is celebrity and master trainer, lifestyle coach, business consultant, speaker, author, model, actor and motivator, Fadi Malouf. For more than a decade, Fadi has changed the lives of thousands of small business owners. His services have since expanded to include corporate wellness programs, reward systems, virtual fitness classes, adventure travel, nutritional consulting, lifestyle coaching, online interactive tools and apps. His autobiography “Strong The New Fit,” tells Fadi’s personal story of creating strength through struggle. This fast paced and enthusiastic session will help you wrap up all the past two days’ learning, process it, and begin applying immediately.