Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for November 3, 2016

Thank you for attending our first AIBD Suncoast Chapter meeting.  It was great seeing everyone.  Thank you Jon, for your excellent presentation!  Below are the minutes to the meeting.


AIBD Suncoast Chapter

November 3, 2016


Meeting called to order at 11:59 a.m. by Jenni Boucher, President.


AIBD Chapter officers present:

Vice President, Paul Glaser, Glaser Design

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering

Secretary Assistant, Kristen Bryant, Carotti Engineering


AIBD members present:

Jon Levey, Simpson Strong Ties (presenter)

Steve Mickley, AIBD

Mary Tracy, Artists Acres Gallery


NON-AIBD Members:



AIBD members not present:




  • Jenni, started with introduction of herself and then went around the room.
  • Steve introduced a new feature with AIBD. It is a section on the website for briefings, (We can pull up ourselves).
    • As a chapter we can award, one free, 1st year memberships, for AIBD at each meeting. (We opted to have a drawing for any non-members).
    • Design and construction week in Orlando, FL, January 10th, 11th, 12th. Early bird special if you register before November 11th.  You can also get a discount for being an AIBD member.
    • AIBD is partnering with Stake Holder Group to help the student chapter.
    • AIBD is putting together a BIMR, 2 day work shop.
    • AIBD is partnering with ICC in a training program for students. AIBD will be in charge of teaching and testing the students on the plans aspect.
  • Jon presentation was on Connection for Wind-Resistant Construction, earning attendees .1 CEU credits.
  • Jenni, Paul, and Mary would like to put on the mailing to receive Simpson Strong Ties catalog.
  • Jenni asked for suggestions for future meeting. (You can also email her).
    • Digital plans – Building officials, ok with them or not, guidlines? – And having someone there to discuss it.
  • Don’t forget you are more than welcome to invite others to the meetings.


Meeting adjourned by Jenni Boucher, President at 1:10 p.m.

For more information on this chapter, check out the official Suncoast Chapter page.

Everyone listening to Jon Jenni Boucher getting us started Jenni checking out strong ties product. Jenni Paul and Steve Jon during presentation Jon Levey presentation Lunch Mary and Jon talking Ren and Jon talking

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