Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2017


AIBD Suncoast Chapter

October 12th, 2017


Meeting called to order at 11:45 a.m. by Jenni Lewis (Chair).


Chapter officers:

Chair, Jenni Lewis, Dreamcatcher Building Designs

Vice Chair, Paul Glaser, Glaser Designs

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering


AIBD members present:

Doug Shepard – Final Draft

Kevin Lovley – GreenPoint Construction Services


NON-AIBD Members present:

Kristen Bryant – Carotti Engineering

Sierra Hall – Design Services

Del Harley – Design Services

Jorge Martelo – Manatee County Government




  • Jenni went over updates from AIBD
    • No new updates
  • Jenni read letter from AIBD’s Steve Mickley on our official plaque for the Compass

Award (recruiting) for our chapter.

  • Ren mentioned the next few month’s topics for our meeting will be.
  • Kristen updated everyone on who is coming up in the next few months for presenters (see under “Next Meeting”).
  • Jenni – Recruiting – Ren & Kristen are calling, emailing, and putting our meeting in the newspaper (in Manatee, Sarasota, & Charlotte counties). Jenni would like to see more face to face recruitment.
  • Sierra asked what is our pitch – Jenni’s response – Education to do our jobs better, Cover topic member would like to hear about, Networking, Communication,
  • Bob Lepley from Sarasota County – Unlicensed Division –
    • Started presentation at 11:59 and ended at 1:05 pm.
    • Bob started by introducing himself.
    • You must have a permit if you are hanging more than 3 sheets of drywall, even if you are just replacing them.
    • Unlicensed professional (contractors, handyman, etc.) have to go to criminal court.
    • If a company/professional does not have workers comp and they have people working under them it is a 3rd degree charge.
    • Sarasota County Unlicensed Department will be at Robarts Arena October 20th-22nd handing out information on unlicensed contractors.
    • An Unlicensed Contractor/Professional will be charge $2,000 fine with criminal charges from the county and $3,000 from the state totaling $5,000.
    • They are working on getting anyone with criminal charges, who have not paid their fines, drivers licenses suspended.
    • Insurance will not pay out if your contractor is not licensed.
    • Cannot shop by price, you really need to do your homework. Make sure your contractor is licensed.
    • Home Owners can pull building permits by must be onsite the entire time the project is being worked on.
      • But home owner cannot sale or rent out home in the first year of project completion.
    • Contractors have to hire licensed contractors.
    • Sub-Contractors will get an email saying a contractor added their name to a project. The subcontractor must accept or decline they are working on that job. This prevents someone from using that person’s licenses number without their knowledge.


Congratulation to Sierra Hall for winner the complimentary membership for AIBD for October!



Next Meeting:


Our Presenter of November’s meeting on Thursday the 9th is Easy Living with Technology presented by Michael Stram on Proper Planning for Electronic Systems


Our presenter for December’s meeting on Thursday the 14th, 2017 is New Building Codes presented by Renato Carotti with Carotti Engineering.  He will have 3 sets of significant changes to Florida building Code (Florida Building Code, Building, and Residential) to give away!



Meeting adjourned by Jenni Lewis-Boucher at 1:13 pm.


***Bring someone with you! ***


*** Invite people! ***


*** Let’s grow our chapter! ***

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