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August 10, 2020 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
Flatten? Let’s squash the curve!
Thanks, LGA Studios! You guys rock!

Make sure everyone keeps their distance and wears their mask.

Virtual conferences are one of the many ways AIBD is helping to squash the curve. The Summer Conference is our third in the Design & Build Conference Series, so far in 2020.

Last week we spoke with one of our member firms who informed us of the passing of one of their key teammates, due to COVID-19.

We’re not out of the woods yet. Let’s all work together and continue to fight this terrible disease!

If you need help setting up a virtual meeting platform for you and your clients, or you and your employees, schedule a meeting with our Chief Staff Officer by using the link

Let’s Talk Certification
Tuesday, August 18 at 3:00 pm EDT

Join Steve Mickley, a long-time CPBD and chief staff officer at AIBD, as he interviews Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President of Certification and Admissions at PSI Services LLC.

For the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE), Rory chaired an external stakeholders working group that studied the value of certification. The final report reflects data from 9400+ answering questions about the importance of certification, how it makes a certificate holder feel about themselves, how it affects getting a job and being compensated, and the top reasons why people become certified.

If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or wish to hear some excellent career advice, this is the podcast for you (click to register).

  • Heather Rose Brewer, Professional member from CA
  • Duane Bryan, Professional member from CA
  • Nate Hilt, Professional member from CA
Not a member? Join now!
  • Diaz Fenelon, CPBD, from Dearborn, MI (August 7)
  • Judith Koehn, CPBD, from Lockwoods Folly, NC (July 28)
  • Fred (Chip) Hudson, CPBD, from Prattville, AL (July 28)
Not certified? Check out the Candidate Handbook and apply online,
Welcome new Compass Club members
  • Winford Jones (Utah), 2 points
  • Robert Akins (Colorado), 2 points
  • Bonnie Kern (Colorado), 6 points
This month’s movers & shakers
  • Marc Wilson (Oklahoma) earned 2 points and moved from Bronze to Silver level
  • Bonnie Kern (Colorado) earned 6 points and entered into the Bronze level, and she is a 20/21 recipient of the “Bill Ding Membership Award”
  • Karl Koning earned 2 points and is now just 1 point from moving from Bronze into Silver
  • Bernie Kern (Colorado) earned 6 points and has earned his “Bill Ding Membership Award”
Other Compass Club point earners in July
  • Marcel Goneau (North Carolina) earned 2 points
  • Jerome Rugen (Texas) earned 2 points
The Summer Conference is almost here!
We’ve added a new sponsor – MiTek. They are sponsoring the Expo Happy Hour, which includes networking and live dueling piano music.

MiTek is joining our 2020 ARDA sponsors – and Phantom Screens. The AIBD Awards Gala is being streamed this year.

Registration is a-la-carte, you get your choice of four options.

  • The Annual Membership Meeting
  • The AIBD Awards Gala
  • The Workshop Package
  • D&B All Access
Check out what each option includes.

Then, register to attend!

(Also remember that AIBD staff are extremely busy this week.)

Thursday, August 13, 2020, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm EDT
Join us for this month’s chapter event to know your types of engineered wood products, how to apply them in light-frame construction, and be able to explain why you’re using them.

Also, see the common errors of EWP’s, as observed in the field by our…

Friday, August 21, 12:00 to 1:30 pm EDT.

After a long summer break (and spring this year), the AIBD, Palm Beach Chapter is gearing up and meeting using, AIBD’s virtual events platform.

Our guest speaker is Duane Bryan of Roman Rock, who will share how to add beauty, character, value, and curb appeal to our projects. His budget-friendly solutions include beams, corbels, columns, tongue & groove, medallions, rafter tails, and many more, all designed and manufactured in Florida

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Simply click “Join Event.”

Friday, August 21, 12:00 to 1:30 pm CDT

This is an introductory meeting to what could potentially become the AIBD, Houston Chapter. Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Simply click “Join Event.”

Ultimately, monthly chapter meetings would have specific topics or CE presentations. This month our goal is to investigate the viability of setting up a chapter around the Houston, TX, area.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm ET
This will be the third month this aspiring chapter has met. Don’t miss out on becoming a charter member.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Simply click “Join Event.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 12:00 to 1:30 pm EDT

Our meeting sponsor and the guest speaker is Wes Robbins of QuickTie Systems.

Rescheduled from last month, Wes was in a terrible accident and was unable to present in August.

QuickTie is a patented cable tie-down system that is easy to install and cost-effective. QuickTie Systems is a full catalog of connection and tie-down solutions.

The goal of this meeting is to set up what could potentially become the AIBD, Jacksonville Chapter.

Although AIBD chapters are regional in nature, anyone and everyone are welcome to attend this event. Come on in, click “Join Event.” 

Join the green build revolution at NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 – Novi, Michigan, USA
In August, NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 brings together the key stakeholders involved in the Midwest’s value chain for net-zero construction in residential, commercial, academic and government buildings for the very first time.

Hosting more than 250 leading architects, policymakers, contractors, system manufacturers, building owners and real estate executives, this essential new conference is a unique…

Read More
Training and Education
Introducing the NFPA Learning Path for the Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE) Exam
It’s completely flexible online training—you can choose individual learning modules to fit your unique needs or a full learning path for the most comprehensive exam preparation.

The CFPE Learning Path provides the content you need to know—from the source—with options to fit your schedule.

Register me now!

We’ll show you how to increase your fee levels, raise your conversion rates, avoid scope creep, and improve client relationships, with a simple change to your fee proposal strategy.

– 85% of participants say it’s the most useful course they’ve completed
– 99% say they’d recommend it to their coworkers
– Over 3,000 Design Professionals have taken the training course


“Your Fee Proposal Training paid for itself 20-30 fold in 48 hours. Thank you, I feel empowered.”
-Ramsay Smith

“Conversion rate went through the roof! It’s been a huge benefit to me.”
-Earl Anderson

“You’ll be surprised how effective it really is!”
-Lukas Armstrong


The AIBD has partnered with Ron Blank & Associates to offer educational content relating to the knowledge areas and skills identified by AIBD’s building design practice analysis, which forms the foundation for AIBD’s Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) Exam.
The courses have been sorted according to the four domains of the exam:
  1. Business Administration,
  2. Business Practice,
  3. Design Process, and
  4. Building Design.

The official publication of AIBD has a new issue! Check it out. Featuring the 2020 BDA winners.
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Listen to the AIBD podcast, Let’s Talk Certification, on iHeartRADIO, a free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform founded in 2008.

Thanks, to the work of AIBD Communications Director, Garrett Mickley, ten episodes are currently available featuring Sam Morgan, Jeremy Farner, Brendan Smythe, Miguel Villalobos Sandoval, Casey Thompson, Kristen Kaiser, Pamela Macior, Dan Turner, Larry Stephenson, Past AIBD President, David Pillsbury, and AIBD Certification Director, Rusty Hudnet.

If you’re interested in becoming a building designer, want to earn your CPBD designation, or just want to hear some great career advice, join in the second Tuesday of each month to meet guests who have successfully completed, or are currently on, their journeys to becoming a CPBD.

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