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Over the past two posts, we’ve discussed the obvious, providing construction drawings.

However, you should have picked up on hidden agenda contained within the last two blogs – creating an operational image and generating a project team.

In this post, we move into the potential for “total design” services.

Establish a Team

How much total design can you as a building designer expect? None, unless you are willing to help establish such a team as we have been discussing.

But with such a team, the only limit to the amount of work you can expect is the number of years you have left to participate in it.

There is Plenty of Work

The work is there. It is being performed by others day after day.

There is plenty of work left for the one or two-man shops, but there is an abundance of projects where the carefully coordinated efforts of a broad team are needed.

Orange circle made of an arrow and inside it says One Stop Services, which would be Total Design Services.

In fact, only through total design, you be assured that your design will be properly executed.

Only by working as a member of the total team can you properly adapt the design to meet the technical engineering requirements of the other disciplines.

What is the advantage to the designer or the client for you to design a magnificent house and have it improperly plotted by a civil engineer who is under a separate contract and whom you may never see?

Removing Competition

When you enter the field of total design, you are competing with architectural firms.

You must expect to render a highly professional service in terms of excellence of design and in terms of profit, you will be creating for the client.

Your designs should be worthy of publication in the best architectural magazines, and your ideas will have to rank right up there with the other money makers.

This is not a field for everyone, and it takes wisdom to recognize your shortcomings and stays out of the field if you can’t do the work.

But if you sincerely believe you are ready, you have an excellent future to investigate in the field of “total design.”

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