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Quarterly Conferences


Throughout the year, AIBD holds quarterly conferences around the United States. The conferences have a variety of emphasis such as Awards Program, Trade Show, Continued Education and more. These events also allow AIBD members to rub elbows with sponsors and vendors and to gain awareness of current building products and services on the market, all in a relaxed and laid-back, yet professional atmosphere.

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AIBD E & O Insurance

Liability Insurance

The American Institute of Building Design proudly announces discounted professional and business insurance through our…

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Join the Discussion

If you are an AIBD member and you are entering for the first time, the system will recognize you by using the email address…

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2 Let's Brand together

Let’s Brand Together

What’s the Plan?

A Strategic Marketing Plan has been developed with one goal…

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AIBD Membership

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Sells building products or offers building design support services (landscape design, building official, contractor, etc).


A professional educator or teacher who is not currently a practicing building designer.


Standard level of membership for those actively engaged in the practice of building design.


Is enrolled either full or part time, in architecture or engineering, architectural drafting or design technology in a university, college, community college, vocational school, career institution or high school.


Corporate members provide products or services to regional or national markets. Corporate members may have representatives in one or more states and should they choose to become involved as Associate members, their local membership dues is included with the national membership. Nonprofit organizations pay a substantially reduced membership fee.


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