Designer of the Year

AIBD’s 2022 Designer of the Year award goes to…

Jack Butler, 2023 Designer of the Year
The 2023 Designer of the Year, Jack Butler, accepted his award on August 4, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Designer of the Year award is presented to the Professional member who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and to the Institute.

Our recipient is a certified research scientist, city planner, city manager, and building contractor – a true multi-talented professional. As a consultant, they have played a pivotal role in developing national data standards, authoring influential books, shaping state statutes and city and county codes, and even handling court filings.

Their leadership qualities shine through their involvement in various technical committees, oversight committees, and as the president of two international professional associations. They have also dedicated their time and expertise to serving on boards and committees for the Florida City and County Management Association and the Florida League of Cities.

Two years ago, our recipient joined AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) and wasted no time in taking on important roles within the association. They selflessly accepted the responsibility of being the Building Codes Committee chair and advocating for the Institute in governmental affairs.

Over the past twelve months, they have showcased their tenacity and determination by battling a significant battle against a municipality that unjustly restricted the trade of building designers. Through collaboration with AIBD’s governmental attorney, they navigated the complex local government ladder, engaging with the Building Official and county attorney and ultimately convincing the mayor of the importance of AIBD’s stance on the issue. This hard-fought victory is a testament to their unwavering commitment to protecting the interests of building designers.

Now, they stand on the cusp of another significant challenge as they prepare to meet with legislators and the state’s attorney regarding another case. Their dedication to the profession and fearless advocacy continues to impact the industry profoundly.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we bestow the title of Designer of the Year upon Mr. Jack Butler of Orlando, Florida.

Congratulations, Jack!


Designer of the Year Recipients

Given each year, at the conclusion of their Design & Build Summer Conference, the AIBD presents the Designer of the Year Award to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Institute and the community.

To nominate an AIBD Professional Member for Designer of the Year, download a Nomination Form and submit it to the AIBD Office on or before June 1st, and your nomination will be considered for the award being presented at the next AIBD D&B Summer Conference.

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