Designer of the Year

AIBD’s 2022 Designer of the Year award goes to…

DOY 2022 Benjamin Tabolt
AIBD 2022 Designer of the Year, Benjamin Tabolt (Right), receives his award from Steve Mickley, FAIBD, AIBD Executive Director, July 30, 2022, in St. Paul, MN. AIBD Fellow Jannis Vann, FAIBD, presented the award virtually from her home in Atlanta.

Benjamin Tabolt of MiTek Services began his career just fourteen years ago and already leads a team of nearly 2,000 estimators, drafters, and designers providing unique, custom construction-based service solutions for businesses across the globe.

Yet, he finds time to be an integral part of AIBD.

First, by being part of the team who designed and delivered the AIBD Residential BIM Manager training program. Before the pandemic, he and three others provided BIM training on behalf of AIBD across the country. Since then, he has turned the curriculum into an on-demand certificate program offered by AIBD online.

As one of our most popular speakers, he attended many AIBD conferences and soon became chairman of our Conference Committee, just as the world was locking down.

So, his order of business was to pivot our events from being in-person to virtual.

In a matter of weeks, his committee found Hopin, and he successfully launched a series of virtual events that have helped 1400 people connect and learn.

And now that conferences a beginning to happen in person again, this year, he has represented AIBD as a featured speaker at the New York Build and Chicago Build conferences.

Congratulations, Ben!


Designer of the Year Recipients

Given each year, at the conclusion of their Design & Build Summer Conference, the AIBD presents the Designer of the Year Award to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Institute and the community.

To nominate an AIBD Professional Member for Designer of the Year, download a Nomination Form and submit it to the AIBD Office on or before June 1st, and your nomination will be considered for the award being presented at the next AIBD D&B Summer Conference.

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