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Designer of the Year

NCBDC President Alan Abrams wins Designer of the Year 2017.

The Designer of the Year award is presented to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Institute in the past year.

This year’s recipient, as with others in the past, is an accomplished designer and also a successful builder. He joined our certification council in October, 2012 and without hesitation, rolled up his sleeves and went to work immediately.

His first accomplishment has been to convert our Certified Professional Building Designer certification exam from paper and pencil to computer based delivery. Along the way, he learned the nuances of computer based testing and a completely new language used within the testing world. The phrase, “Eye So 17 – 0 – 2 – 4” now rolls of his tongue. He painstakingly entered each existing test question items, into the new system and launched online testing using our original eight paper and pencil tests in November 2015.

But his challenges were not limited to just learning a new language and computer skills, he studied other certification programs, attended workshops, and talked to experts and discovered the Institute’s shortcomings as a certification provider. He became the Council’s liaison to the Board of Directors, and for two years, worked to identify and change antiquated, unnecessary or indefensible policies. Leading up to the past twelve months, when he was elected NCBDC President and lead the Council through the process of developing a new CPBD exam. One that was created using accepted international standards, recognized public consent practices, and was delivered for the first time this week.

This year, we honor someone who is a professor and a student. A communicator. A facilitator for change. But most importantly, a leader. This year’s Designer of the Year is Alan Abrams of Silver Spring, Maryland.

 Given each year at the conclusion of their national convention, the AIBD presents the Designer of the Year Award to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Institute and the community.

Submit a nominationTo nominate an AIBD Professional Member for Designer of the Year, download a Nomination Form and submit it to the AIBD National Office on or before June 1st and your nomination will be considered for the award being presented at the next AIBD National Convention.

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