AIBD Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2018

Meeting Called to Order at 11:56am.
By: Jenni Lewis, Chair

**Presentation to follow With:
Sandy Tudor, from Manatee County Building Dept. On Flood Plain Management Design.

**BOAF Members were invited to this meeting**

–Last Friday was the final day for Artist submissions for Designers.
–AIBD has a New Scholarship fund available for only children with parents in this profession.
Part scholarships up to Full time spots are available.
–Conference 2018:
Up coming Conference Sept 13th & 14th in Colorado. Registration is open now!
Submit Work for renovations, new builds, working drawings and pipeline. You may also submit up to eleven pieces of work to be showcased. It made the MONDAY MINUTES with AIBD’s Chapter Minutes!
–Training Webinars are available (National Website for AIBD Training Webinars)

Votes are in for New Officers:
Chair: Paul Glaser
Vice Chair: Ren Carotti
Secretary: We still need to vote for Doug Sheppard, Final Draft Inc. or Joyce Poelsma, Sweetwater

–Residential Design index would like to take a Survey on……..
Is your business picking up? Is it slowing down?
Are you seeing new builders for renovations or new builds.
— We need to be more knowledgeable- to be on the cutting edge of certified professional Designers. AIBD has revamped the test for what designers are doing. All of this is covered under Florida Statues. We will need Licences for everything- this is going to happen. (Goals and Free courses) It will be more negotiable, so when you submit work there is NO kick back to fix.
–Need to improve our meetings to have more Joint Meetings with other professional members so we can get to know people face to face and NOT just always through an Email.

Meeting closed at 1:08pm

Visit to learn more ( for Hazard Tools)

Topic’s Covered with Sandy Tudor, Manatee County Building Dept:
***Coastal A/B Zones
***Breakaway Walls
***Elevated Structures
***New Maps/ Flood Classes
***Sea Levels

–Next Month’s Lunch and Learn is with
Alex Quesen Owner of Future Form Inc.
On Thursday July 12, 2018.–

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