The legislation we’re watching — does it affect you? [MondayMINUTE]

March 01, 2021 edition of the AIBD’s MondayMINUTE weekly newsletter.
The legislation we’re watching.
The 2nd Session of the 57th Legislature of Oklahoma is considering HB3098/HB1147, which modifies the State Architectural and Registered Interior Designers Act to apply to registered “commercial” interior designers.

As with all proposed legislation, the AIBD’s priority is to ensure the rights of members currently practicing are not affected.

Secondly, the AIBD’s focus is on the proposed exemptions and if they align with the existing exemptions for architecture.

Members of the board of directors met with the AIBD, Central Oklahoma Chapter on Friday, and staff has reached out to the Institute’s governmental attorney.

A few outsiders who changed the course of architecture.
Why not start at the top? Frank Lloyd Wright’s only formal training consisted of a year of engineering classes at the University of Wisconsin. Thoroughly bored, he dropped out in 1888 and headed for Chicago to find a job.

Addison Mizner, a California-born raconteur, raised in Guatemala, rose to become the top society architect of Palm Beach during the Roaring Twenties. Mizner’s only architectural training was a three-year apprenticeship.

On the opposite coast in San Diego. Cliff May is considered the father of the California Rancher and started his career building Monterey-style furniture.

Read the full article published by SFGATE, the first of three in a three-part series.

AIBD introduces the Healthy Home award.
A new category in the American Residential Design Awards, or ARDA, program, the Healthy Home award category will recognize excellence in making indoor environments healthier.

The award provides a national platform to showcase results from a range of housing and indoor health design ideas. Such as creative solutions to air and water quality. And by promoting activity and de-stressing using beautifully designed personal spaces, colors, open spaces, lighting, as well as in-door plants and gardens.

There are a dozen other ARDA categories. Check them out on March 1st at

Read More
  • Wade Skrobarczyk, CPBD, from Pflugerville, TX (February 25)
  • Shawna Duncan, CPBD, from Brookfield, WI (February 8)
  • Dinesh Shah, CPBD, from Sugar Land, TX (January 27)
  • Bob Ochieng, CPBD, from Gaithersburg, MD (January 25)
The 5 steps to becoming certified:
  1. Take a 10-minute SAMPLE TEST, (OPTIONAL).
  2. Download the Candidate Handbook,
  3. Apply online, (no cost to start the application, pay when you submit)
  4. Take a 60-minute PRACTICE EXAM (available after your application is approved, five attempts – no additional cost – OPTIONAL)
  5. Pass the 3-Hour certification exam (offered online, 24/7, 360 days per year)
Behold! The AIBD/CPBD whiteboard marketing video is available to certified members to license for personal use. Check it out on YouTube.

Then schedule a meeting with our executive director ( to discuss the complementary options and have the video personalized.

  • Brandon Gooden Clokey, Professional Member from OH
  • Stephanie M. Comeaux, Professional Member from TX
  • Sandra Cooper, Professional Member from GA
  • Kwayera L. Franklin, Professional Member from MS
  • Bradley Alan Kline, Professional Member from PA
  • Erich Scharf, Professional Member from CA
Not a member? Join now!
Welcome this year’s new Compass Club members (July through today)
  • Robert Akins (CO)
  • Matt Gray (TX)
  • Winford Jones (UT)
  • Randy Young (FL)
This month’s mover & shakers
  • Congratulations! Ted Hake (AIBD Director & NE Ohio Chapter Chair)! Ted has earned 15 points and moves from Bronze membership (5 to 14 points) to Silver (15 to 24 points).
  • Mike Keesee (FL) (one of five Diamond members and founder of the Compass Club) added one point to his career total of 75. He is still second to our program leader, Richard Emigh (CA), who has a total of 80 Compass Club points.
AIBD’s Coffee With Bernie via Hopin
This month Bernie will begin by discussing how to maintain a successful design firm during unprecedented times.

Recently AIBD member Sam Morgan attended an HBA meeting where Economist Elliot Eisenberg was the keynote speaker.

Sam is our guest speaker at this month’s coffee chat, and he wants to chat with AIBD on some of the main topics Sam pulled out from Elliot’s insight for 2021.

  • We also want to hear from you; what are you planning for 2021?
  • How do you see our industry?
  • While most of us are very busy, what could we be doing now, if anything, to keep our design businesses successful despite economic changes?
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Show Your Value Through Certifications
Typically, no one needs to be certified to be in the construction industry. In fact, most people can begin their career working as an apprentice.

Although it isn’t strictly needed, certification shows a steadfast commitment to your industry and lets others know you are dedicated. With the right certifications, you’ll stand out above the rest, increasing your value and worth.

Join us for the 2021 Design & Build Winter Conference and learn about the most common and useful construction certifications that you can earn, as well as what to do with them once you have them.

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2021 Virtual Design-Build Day & Summer Internship Fair
Friday March 5, 2021 8:00 AM-12:00PM
The Weber State University Construction & Building Sciences Design-Build Day & Summer Internship Fair is an annual event where we connect students with internship and job opportunities in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.

2500+ students come to find their future employment opportunities.

AIBD is an official “Industry Partner” and there might still be time for your company.

Email Jeremy Farner, (AIBD Pro Member & NCBDC Councilman) for more information on partnership level opportunities to recruit students for internship and job opportunities with your company.

Upcoming chapter meetings (and more), on Hopin.
Meeting virtually is not only essential during the current COVID-19 threats; this is how we are keeping our chapters going. As things progress, the meetings may continue to be virtual, actual lunch meetings may be scheduled, or both!

Now, it’s possible to follow the AIBD event on Hopin Explore.

Be a part of a HOPIN event in just 3 steps.

  1. At the scheduled time, enter the event using the link above (Chrome or Firefox produces the best results). If it’s your first time using Hopin, “sign up” and create your profile and avatar (the avatar is optional).
  2. In the LH margin, click on the “Sessions” icon.
  3. One more click – the big button with the chapter name – and you’re in.
A webcam and mic are required to be on screen, but all you need are speakers and a keyboard to attend and participate.
If it’s your first time attending one of our virtual chapter meetings, HERE ARE some great tips, especially ones related to the best browser and how to use “incognito mode.”
Attend the 2021 Committee Action Hearings (CAH) – Group A Codes
April 11 – May 5

This year’s code hearings offer ICC members/non-members, code officials, architects, builders, engineers, fire and energy conservation professionals the opportunity to provide input on proposed code changes to the Group A International Codes®.

Group A will cover the following sections of the IBC and IRC: 

  • IBC-E: IBC Egress provisions – Chapters 10 and 11
  • IBC-FS: IBC Fire Safety provisions – Chapters 7, 8, 9 (partial), 14 and 26
  • IBC-G: IBC General provisions – Chapters 3 – 6, 12, 13, 27 – 33
  • IRC-M: IRC Mechanical provisions – Chapters 12 – 23
  • IRC-P: IRC Plumbing provisions – Chapters 25 – 33
See page 2 of the 2021/2022 Code Development Schedule for details on code chapters, notes, and committee information for the Group A codes.

Training and Education
AIBD Members get 60% off on-demand education!
We’ve increased the discount available to AIBD members when registering for on-demand online education at The normal price for a one-hour course is $50, and rather than AIBD members paying $35, that figure has been reduced to $21. That’s a $29 savings on each course.

We said 60% off; it’s actually 58%, we rounded up.

One course per month (with a month or two off) means you’ve paid for your annual membership and more.

There are three ways to get ahold of the discount code.

  1. Refer to the welcome email received upon joining AIBD.
  2. Go to, log in and click the “Discount Codes” tab.
  3. Contact us at 202-750-4900 or

With nearly 50,000 professionals and homeowner’s trained since 2000, AIBD CE Provider Green Home Institute provides top-notch, relevant, and just-in-time live, online, and on-demand education.

Get trained, learn something new, and pick up some continuing education while you’re at it.

Like this one presented by AIBD Corporate member Plastpro.

Design professionals learn about fiberglass entry doors’ physical and structural components and compare their performance to those of wood and steel doors.

Did you know the National Fenestration Rating Council and North American Fenestration Standards have a rating system?

Are you aware fiberglass entry doors can be used to fulfill guidelines relating to ENERGY STAR® and LEED®?

Reach 8,400+ AIBD members and professionals each week.
The AIBD has ad space available in this weekly e-newsletter, Monday Minute.

We are also filling the 2021 dedicated blast schedule. A dedicated blast is an email exclusively dedicated to your company and a message sent to over 8,400 AIBD subscribers.

Availability is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Kathy Dowdy, Account Manager (, if you have any questions or if you’d like to secure your campaign.

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Featuring the 2020 ARDA winners, the 2020 Summer issue of the AIBD magazine is on the shelf. Please read it now. 

“When I was elected in 2018, I had a long list of goals.” Writes our Immediate Past President. Read what Karen Kassik-Michelsohn is proud of accomplishing.

“Building a better residential design profession, one designer at a time.” Writes AIBD President Bernie Kern. Read about his objectives for 2020/2021.

Read the next issue of AIBD magazine…

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