Opportunities for Building Designers

A Multi-Part Series – Introduction

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Changing economic trends makes successful business planning in today’s building design profession a most complex and challenging task. The building designer finds that many of the previously successful techniques may no longer provide successful results. Conducting a professional practice of building design has changed in many ways.

Designer Opportunity Expansion Committee

Over the next sixteen weeks, we will bring together the best and most successful opportunities and methods for practice discovered through AIBD action workshops. Designer Opportunity Expansion Committee chairman William Alexander and committee members Bill Meier, Carl Bumpass, and Floyd Bean have gathered and screened material that they considered to be valuable to AIBD members. The AIBD staff has added to the article over time. Their work reflects a cross-section of what successful building designers are doing in the area of expanding and creating new business opportunities. AIBD is much indebted to the committee for the time and talent in the preparation of this publication.

Bare Minimum of Service

In writing this publication, the committee took as a starting point the bare minimum of service a building designer can perform. Most building designers customarily perform a great deal more, but the possible opportunities of an expanded practice must start from the minimum requirements.

Methods and Techniques that Building Designers Can Use

Your committee’s work has intended to uncover methods and techniques that building designers everywhere can use to expand the horizons of their practice. Each of the ideas presented here has been successfully tried and proven by AIBD members. In the final analysis, of course, the only value in this information is how you use it.

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Using the MondayMINUTE as the original distribution method, there was a series of blog posts broken up into three areas – opportunities before the design stage, opportunities during the design stage, and Opportunities following the design stage. The series was then closed with suggested methods for securing a new building design business.

We hope that some of the advice in these pages will help you to reach your goals as a professional building designer.

> Full List of Opportunities <

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