Summer 2016 Architectural Tour Details

We discussed the tour briefly in the June 27th Monday Minute, but we have more Summer 2016 Architectural Tour details to share with you this week.

The tour begins with a walking tour of Curtis Park, which is the oldest residential community in the entire city of Denver. One of the most amazing things about Curtis Park is the variety of architectural styles all mixing together with the variety of cultures living in them. For more on Curtis Park, check out their community site here.

Next is a walking tour of Country Club and Driving Park. Country Club was once called the “Spanish Suburbs” in the early 1900’s due to it’s stucco and tile roofs. The area grew in popularity after building a harness racing track. Harness racing is a style of horse racing where the jockey rides in a small chariot-like cart called a sulky. The horses race at a trot speed. Driving Park is a neighborhood in Country Club. For more on Country Club, check out their community site here.

Next is a walking tour of the beautiful Washington Park. Washington Park is a neighborhood and public park that is common for community events. The park is also a designated “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in 2012. While the park has a myriad of things to do including trails and a recreation center, one of the coolest areas to visit is the replica of Martha Washington’s Garden at Mt. Vernon. Driving Park is a neighborhood in Country Club. For more on Washington Park, check out their community site here.

Between the walking tours will be driving tours of area’s such as RiNo, down Welton Street, and through Lowry, an old US Air Force base.

RiNo is short for River North, the art district of Denver. It is truly an art district, displaying creatives from all kinds art backgrounds. From architects to illustrators, authors to painters, media and performance artists, photographers and furniture makers. There are even wineries, breweries, and distilleries. For more on RiNo, check out their community site here.

Welton Street is well known for cutting through “Five Points,” an area named for it’s five-point intersection which Welton Street is two points of. The area is known for being the “Harlem of the West” due to being a frequent tour stop for jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. This neighborhood also has one of America’s only museums to focus on the story of African-Americans in the Western United States through history. For more on Five Points and Welton Street, check out their community site here.

Summer 2016 Architectural Tour DetailsLowry was once Lowry Air Force Base, but is now a residential neighborhood. The neighborhood which contains the Colorado Free University, converted from the old Lowry Firehouse. Lowry Air Force Base was the original site of the U.S. Air Force Academy, from 1955-1958. For more on Lowry Street, check out their community site here.

Lunch will be a picnic in the Alamo Placita Park. The park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1986.

You should get registered for the Summer 2016 Architectural Tour as soon as possible. We only have 28 seats left and they’re filling up fast. CLICK HERE to get more information about the 2016 Summer Conference, the hotel and to register.

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