Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for August 10, 2017


AIBD Suncoast Chapter

August 10, 2017


Meeting called to order at 11:56 a.m. by Jenni Lewis (Chair).


AIBD Chapter officers:

Chair, Jenni Lewis, Dreamcatcher Building Designs

Vice Chair, Paul Glaser, Glaser Designs

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering


AIBD members present:

Kristen Bryant – Carotti Engineering

Doug Shepard – Final Draft


NON-AIBD Members present:

Joyce Poelsma – Sweetwater Co.

Kevin Lovley – GreenPoint Construction Services



  • Jenni went over updates from AIBD
    • August 10th-11th AIBD has a Summer Conference
    • August 11th AIBD has an Award Gala
    • November 2nd – 3rd AIBD Fall Conference
    • February 2nd – 3rd, 2018 AIBD Winter Conference in Clearwater, FL
      • Our chapter would like do something for this event.
    • Jenni thanked Paul Glaser for writing our first blog and Jenni is up next to write a blog (see end of minutes for web page).
    • Jenni ask Steve from AIBD about discounts for officers of our chapter.
    • Kristen ask Steve about “spam” emails members are getting after they sign up with AIBD
    • Looking for topics for blogs
      • Jenni Suggested longevity of building material
    • Ren mentioned the new set of building codes are online for pre-order
    • Kristen updated everyone on who is coming up in the next few months for presenters (see under “Next Meeting”).
    • Kristen updated on postcard size “flyers” to hand out for AIBD – Order them this week, waiting on when they will be ready for pick up (after meeting got a call they are ready).
    • Joe from Phantom Screens stepped up and did August’s presentation on short notice!
      • Started presentation at 12:06 and ended at 1:10 pm.
      • Has credited AIA presentations (can present in the future).


Congratulation to Joyce Poelsma for winner the complimentary membership for AIBD for July!

Congratulation to Kevin Lovley for winner the complimentary membership for AIBD for August!



Next Meeting:


Our Presenter of September’s meeting on Thursday the 14th is Tublar Skylight


Our presenter for October’s meeting on Thursday the 12th, 2017 is Unlicensed Contractors by Sarasota County


Our Presenter of November’s meeting on Thursday the 9th is Easy Living with Technology





***Bring someone with you.  Invite people!  Let’s grow our chapter!***



Meeting adjourned by Jenni Lewis-Boucher at 1:13 pm.

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