Suncoast Chapter Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2018


AIBD Suncoast Chapter

January 11, 2018


Meeting called to order at 11:39 a.m. by Jenni Lewis (Chair).


Chapter officers:

Chair, Jenni Lewis, Dreamcatcher Building Designs (Absent)

Vice Chair, Paul Glaser, Glaser Designs

Secretary, Renato Carotti, Carotti Engineering


AIBD members present:

Joyce Poelsma – Sweetwater Drafting


NON-AIBD Members present:

Kristen Bryant – Carotti Engineering



  • Our chapter is dedicated on educating our members.
  • Have a better rapport with the building department. – Opening up communications – get more face to face contact with them.
    • We would really like to have the building department come in once a quarter and let us know what has changed, what they are looking for or needed on the plans.
    • Would like to see minutes from their meeting to keep us updated. Also pass our meeting minutes onto them. Have a round table like meeting.
    • Island officials about coastal A-zone and restorations
    • Joyce suggested getting Sandy Tutor from Manatee County, she is the Flood Plan Manager to come into speak.
  • Kristen needs to follow up on where AIBD is at with getting us a Facebook page
  • Kristen will also follow up on what does our membership fee go to help us from AIBD.
  • Fundraising guidelines we can do to help offset the cost of food and other items (Ren) spends on the chapter.
    • Have the speaker’s company pay for lunch on the month they do their presentation. (They can also set up their products).
    • Ask for contribution (donation) – this is NOT tax deductible
    • If we sell something (like Calendars) AIBD would have to pay tax on the profit that is made. (AIBD would prefer us not to do this).
    • Basket give away – better if we charge for the meeting and give a ticket to all who come. (Money for the meeting and not the basket give away).
    • Golf Tournament
  • Contact local reps. About AutoCAD and have them present on how things have changed and what has stayed the same with their system.
  • We would like to offer students membership and teach them why they have to do certain things when drawing and what belongs on the drawings.
  • Membership retention – Most of our members received a 1 year complimentary membership. We would like to see everyone renew their membership. (See end of meeting minutes for expiration dates).
  • We would like to get local companies as a sponsorship for our chapter. This sponsorship would be a set fee (yet to be determined) or pay for the cost of food and/or renting expense where we hold our meetings. (Doing this face to face will have a better outcome).  We NEED everyone to help with this.  Do NOT leave it on the shoulders of the officers!  They can only do so much and know only so many!
  • We would like feedback from our meeting (what you like, what you don’t like, what we can do better, what we are doing right).
  • Start thinking about who will be your new leaders!
    • April – will be the nominations for new officers
    • May – will be the voting of new officers
    • June – Old & New officers work together on the monthly meeting
    • July – New officers take over meeting and planning.



Meeting adjourned by Ren Carotti at 1:18 pm.





Next Meeting:


February 8th – Robert Click from Icynene – on spray foam.


March 8th – Robert from Tubular Skylight – on their product.


April 12th – Jon Levey from Simpson Strong Tie – on    Shearwall Design with the 2015 AWC Special Design Provisions Wind & Seismic (1.5 hours)

The IBC requires shearwall design now follow the 2015 ANSI/AWC SDPWS. This course will familiarize structural engineers with the design requirements of this standard and how they have changed from previous versions. We will go into depth on the capacity reductions requirements for shearwalls with aspect ratios greater than 2:1 – which happens often in modern design. Also, each of the (3) design methods will be covered: segmented, perforated, and force transfer for site-built wood shearwalls.


May 10th – Jimmy Holmes from PLIDEK – on waterproofing solutions.









When everyone’s membership expires…


01-31-18 – Mary Tracy

02-28-18 – Stephen Lewis, Doug Shepard

03-31-18 – Dale Lewis, Joseph Mareci, Renato Carotti

04-30-18 – Jon Levey, Steve Johnson



07-31-18 – Paul Glaser



10-31-18 – Kevin Lovley

11-30-18 – Joyce Poelsma





***Bring someone with you! ***      *** Invite people! ***      *** Let’s grow our chapter! ***

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