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Explore the differences between building designers and architects, their qualifications, responsibilities, costs, and pricing comparisons.

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What is the most common finish used to clad a U.S. house?

Click here to learn about what siding choices are most popular by region, download a copy of the full Census Bureau report, and explore some of the most popular American house styles and their claddings.

Federal tax credits soon to come from the newly passed Inflation Reduction Bill aim to reduce the cost of environmentally-friendly changes and set the stage for widespread adoption, and Phius says their certified passive homes will emerge as a model for how to adapt.

Architectural detail of modern sustainable school building on Groningen Campus, Netherlands

Green building design is the process of designing and constructing buildings in a way that minimizes their environmental impact.

A house with a storm in the distance. Text overlay says "Designing A Stormproof Home."

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