Federal tax credits soon to come from the newly passed Inflation Reduction Bill aim to reduce the cost of environmentally-friendly changes and set the stage for widespread adoption, and Phius says their certified passive homes will emerge as a model for how to adapt.


You’re losing out on potential sales if you’re not using copywriting on your website. Here’s how to fix that:

Inktober 2021. Official 2021 Prompt List. 1. Crystal. 2. Suit. 3. Vessel. 4. Knot. 5. Raven. 6. Spirit. 7. Fan. 8. Watch. 9. Pressure. 10. Pick. 11. Sour. 12. Stuck. 13. Roof. 14. Tick. 15. Helmet. 16. Compass. 17. Collide. 18. Moon. 19. Loop. 20. Sprout. 21. Fuzzy. 22. Open. 23. Leak. 24. Extinct. 25. Splat. 26. Connect. 27. Spark. 28. Crispy. 29. Patch. 30. Slither. 31. Risk. @Inktober #Inktober #Inktober2021

Join me, Garrett (AIBD Communications Director) while I practice my sketching and grow our social media following with Inktober.

Picture of a house by Bernie Kern with text overlay that says "What is the best you learned this week that you wish you knew 10 years ago?"

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